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The purpose of this document is to give the steps of how to delete active queries in SNC.


A query is a set of selection criteria that you use to call objects. You use categories to group queries. The object type indicates the application that you can use a particular query for. A query can be active or inactive. You can only use queries that are marked as active on the Web user interface. Inactive queries are hidden on the main screens. Active queries appear at the top of the selection area. Depending on your personalization settings, the queries appear either as hyperlinks or as tab pages in a tab strip. If you need to adjust a query that you have defined, you can do this by using quick criteria maintenance. Quick criteria maintenance lets you to make simple changes to your query without having to fully edit the query.

Steps for deleting active queries

1. Exit/ Log off from the SNC application

2. Run Report POWL_D01 in transaction SE38

3. Fill in the USER field (user for which you wish to delete the active query), and the APPLID (screen ID). If you do not know the APPLID,  check "How to Call a Specific Screen" document.

4. Choose "Execute" or press F8 button

5. Select the query, and click on "Delete query"

6. You will see a confirmation screen

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