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The purpose of this document is to give the steps of how to delete user-specific alert notification profiles, which cannot be deleted in Alert Notification Administration screen in SNC WebUI.


In the Alert Monitor in SAP Supply Network Collaboration (SAP SNC), you can set specifically to the user that SAP SNC informs you automatically about new alerts. You receive alert notifications by e-mail, SMS, or fax and only for alert types and location products that are relevant to you. Depending on your authorization, you can set alert notifications for all users, for all users of a business partner, or just for yourself.

The standard functionality for maintaining and administrating alert notification profiles in SNC is as follows.

Depending on authorizations, a user can:

  1. Create/maintain global alert notifications
  2. Create/maintain partner-specific alert notifications
  3. Create/maintain user-specific alert notifications

Allowing a non-administrator user to change someone else's partner-specific alert notification profile created by another user even though both are assigned to the same business partner is not standard SNC functionality.

Only a customer administrator user should be allowed to create/change/delete a global alert notification profile.

Only a supplier administrator user should be allowed to change/delete another user's alert notification profile (partner-specific, or user-specific).

A non-administrator user can only change/delete his/her own alert notification profiles.

 If you are still unable to delete the profile, follow below steps for deleting it. 

Steps for deleting user-specific alert notification profiles

1. Go to transaction /SCMB/SEL_DELETE or go to transaction SE38 and run report /SCMB/DM_SEL_DATA_DELETE

2. Fill in the USER NAME field (user for which you wish to delete the profile), and the Application ID field 

  3. Choose "Execute" or press F8 button

4. You will be asked if you want to delete the selections or to display them. If you choose to delete, you will get a confirmation message. If you choose to display, the system will show you a list of the selections 

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