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You face inconsistencies with your Macros or simply want to regenerate them after a change.


The purpose of this page is to show how to regenerate Macros using the Macro Workbench.

Entering the Macro Workbench

Enter the Macro Workbench (transaction /SAPAPO/ADVM) and select the Planning Book / Data View which you want to regenerate Macros from:

Selecting the Macro(s) to be regenerated

At this point you can select one or more Macros to be regenerated (if you want to select more than one, use ctrl + mouse click). In our example, we will be using only one Macro:

Deactivating/activating the Macro

To fully regenerate a Macro, you must first deactivate it. For both actions, use the 'Active/inactive' button (first to activate, then to deactivate):

You will notice that the Macro status will remain red even after activating it. To make it green, you must generate the Macro once again.

Regenerate the Macro

To generate the Macro, use the 'Generate' button:

The system should process the Macro and, after a few seconds, the data should be ok.

If you performed some change in the Macro, it is recommended do click button 'Check' before generating the code, to make sure the changes were consistent:


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