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Inconsistency or Incorrect  or Wrong quantity of ASN Schedule Board in SPP


Checking Root cause and fixing the Incorrect quantity. 

SCM system always checks inbound delivery (IBD) or ASN or In-transit data in the EKES table of ECC or ERP system. The same table (EKES ) data will be replaced in SCM tables /SAPAPO/TPSCR_LD and /SAPAPO/TPSRC_TD .

So we need to check table EKES  for each ASN or Product level. If we find any Inconsistency in EKES table, to be fixed in ERP system level.

If you find the following  symptom, you use APO scheduling agreement including inbound delivery (ASN) document. You can display information about last deliveries in transaction /SAPAPO/PWBSRC1. You can see in the table in some rows difference between Order quantity and Reduced quantity. This difference is not reported in ERP system. It could impact next MRP run. There can be also some inbound deliveries which no longer exist in ERP system.

Please check the note 1653187 - Corrective report for /SAPAPO/TPSRC_LD and /SAPAPO/TPSRC_TD, which is already applied in your system, Please ensure the availability of the note correction. If your system does not have the above note correction, please do not apply corrections directly. Before you need to get confirmation from SAP that This note correction report will help the inconsistency or not.


if your system already placed the above note correction, You can run the report ZZPK_LD_TD_EKES  to get update tables /SAPAPO/TPSRC_LD and /SAPAPO/TPSRC_TD correctly.

Case 2

IBD is set deletion flag in ERP which will not be synchronized in SCM system. Therefore, please follow any one option to make consistent data between ERP and SCM system.
Suggesting below two options to make sure consistency of IBD in Schedule Board

1.  Delete Inbound Delivery record .

2. Change the Inbound Delivery Ordered quantity to Zero.

Delivery record can't be deleted directly from the transaction. So, you have to delete the record from both item(LIPS) and header(LIKP) table but
the entry in EKES table still remains as it is. then You have to delete the entry in the EKES table level or Reduce qty to ZERO in the table.

Once you change to quantity in EKES table level, SCM tables will update same quantity.


If you want to check in code level, use below class and Method:

class /SAPAPO/CL_SCHED_CONV_UI, in either of the methods CONVERT_*_UI (with * being either DS, PO, PR, …, depending on the original type of order the ASN belongs to)


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