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To provide a list of Demand Planning related transactions.


This wiki will provide a list with customizing transactions, application-specific master data maintenance transactions and general transactions in DP area.

SCM-APO-FCS Transactions

/SAPAPO/MSDP_ADMINAdministration of Demand Planning and Supply Network Planning (Maintain Planning Areas and Planning Object Structure)
/SAPAPO/TR32Maintain Periodicities for Planning Area
/SAPAPO/TR30Maintain Time Buckets Profile DP/SNP
/SAPAPO/MC62Maintain Characteristic Combinations
/SAPAPO/SDP8BMaintain Planning Book and Data View
/SAPAPO/SDP94Interactive Planning
/SAPAPO/CALENDARPlanning Calendar
/SAPAPO/ADVMMacro Workbench
/SAPAPO/MC8TDefine Activities for Mass Processing
/SAPAPO/MC8DCreate Planning Job

Change Planning Job

/SAPAPO/MC8GSchedule Background Job
/SAPAPO/MC8JCopy Mass Processing Jobs
/SAPAPO/MC8KJob Log Management
SM37Job Overview of Demand Planning in the Background
/SAPAPO/MC90 Release Demand Planning to Supply Network Planning
/SAPAPO/MC96BMaintain Forecast Profile
/SAPAPO/MSDP_FCST2Assign Forecast Profile to a Selection
/SAPAPO/MSDP_FCST1Lifecycle Planning
/SAPAPO/RLGCOPYData Realignment
/SAPAPO/TSCOPYCopy/Version Management
/SAPAPO/SDPPLBKChange View: "Data View Last Selected"
/SAPAPO/TSCUBELoad Data from InfoCube
/SAPAPO/MC8VCalculate Proportional Factors
/SAPAPO/SDP_SEASONSettings for Seasonal Planning
/SAPAPO/MC7BProduct Split Settings
/SAPAPO/MC7ALocation Split Settings
/SAPAPO/MVMModel and Version Management
/SAPAAPO/MP31Maintain Promotion Attributes Types
/SAPAPO/MP32Maintain Cannibalization Group
/SAPPAPO/MP33Maintain Promotion Level
/SAPAPO/MP34Promotion in Interactive Planning
/SAPAPO/MP40Promotion Base Maintenance
/SAPAPO/MP41BPromotion Report
/SAPAPO/MP42Promotion Management
/SAPAPO/SDPUSETFilter for User Settings
/SAPAPO/SDPALPRAssign Planner to Alert Profile
/SAPAPO/VERDELLDDelete Planning Version
/SAPAPO/VERCOPPlanning Version Copy
/SAPAPO/IPM01Integrated CBF Profile Maintenance
RSPCProcess Chain
/SAPAPO/MAT1Product Master
/SAPAPO/LOC3Location Master


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