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SAP consulting notes cover a host of useful information to support you with your SAP implementation projects - tips and tricks and best practices on how to set-up the system, configure processes, customize UIs etc

SAP customers, partners and employees can access all SAP notes here:

Here you can find a list of selected, important IBP-relevant and IBP-specific consulting notes with the direct link to the details. You will however, need your customer / partner SAP id to log-on to the SAP Support Portal system to view the notes.

Note: S-User authentication needed on Support Portal

 Authorization and security 

Note / KBATitle
2277728Setup SFADMIN user with all permissions
2220977Approval needed for tracing planning runs
2187749Role permission on key figures may not work after imported from role transport
2007241Sales and Operations Planning authentication
2236376IBP Add-In Users don't have permission to access SAP Service Market Place

 Planning Area related topics

2347105Master Note for SAP IBP sample model configurations
2189850After Upgrade Planning Area Activation is Failing
2322208Planning Area activation running for longer duration than expected
2211255IBP for sales and operations: Planning Area Configuration & Performance Recommendations
2283465Activation error: E - Scenario "SCENARIO_NAME" for planning area "PLANNING_AREA" cannot be activation
2285815Activation error: "SAP_SFND"."sap.sop.sopfnd.catalogue::SOPAPI_ADDTOTRACE": line 89 col 17
2147340Key Figures not displayed in Supply Planning Enabled Planning Area in Planning
2111586Delete Active Planning area
2298739Cannot add attribute to planning area in IBP
2327405IBP - Extending the time profile
2254129How to name attributes of a planning area that should allow promotion functionality
2108069Scenario(Version) is not visible in the settings dialog of S&OP add-in client

Add-in for Excel 

2686746IBP Excel Add-In: Best Practices and Performance Considerations 
2153455S&OP / IBP Excel Add-In: Planning View Performance Recommendations
2092187S&OP / IBP Add-In for Microsoft Excel with a Proxy Server
2108186S&OP / IBP Add-In for Microsoft Excel: Recommended Sizes for Planning Views
2114654IBP / S&OP Excel Add-In: Delivering connection data to end users
2222789IBP/S&OP Add-In for Excel: Strange Behavior after Microsoft Security Updates KB
1790530S&OP / IBP Planning View Templates for the Excel Add-In
1979053S&OP add-in for Microsoft Excel integration with collaboration component of JAM
2109477S&OP / IBP Add-In Cannot Be Located in Service Market Place
2132049Silent Installation of Excel Add-In
2286988You can only change the key figures for existing attribute/value combinations.
2329064Dashboard Alerts button does not appear IBP Excel Add-in
2202011Error Message: Invalid Dimension<Attribute Name>, while Opening a Template


2320237HCI Job fails with RUN-59108 error - SAP DBTech JDBC: [258]: insufficient privileges
2128920IBP Cloud Data Integration Help Documents (HCI)
2105719Time Zone Issue in HANA Cloud Integartion (HCI) and SAP Integrated Business Planning
2045922S&OP on HANA On-Premise Data Integration using any ETL
1950896Loading Special/International Characters in S&OP
2011334Maintenance and Upgrades - Task execution, Schedules and Agent Upgrade
1858095SAP HCI - DS summary of known issues
2289945OpenAPI: Template for the integration of SAP ECC to IBP
21801109ACAPACITY and 9ABCP_EXTRACT extractors missing from APO system