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To provide a list of PP/DS related reports


This wiki will provide a list with reports that relate to PP/DS application, as well as a description of what they do. Additionally, for custom reports which are provided via SAP notes, the relevant note will be listed.

Table of Contents

PP/DS Related Reports


Can be used to delete obsolete pegging areas from APO. For example, pegging areas without orders.
It can help to improve system performance. It is recommended that this report be executed periodically.

/SAPAPO/DELETE_PP_ORDERCan be used to delete receipts in PP/DS. It is not recommended for usage in productive environments,
it is more of a tool that can be used in order to clean up the system in the implementation phase. In general,
for order deletion, it is recommended to use an interactive transaction like the Receipts View or to delete the
orders with a BAPI. 
/SAPAPO/PT_DELETE_USERCan be used to delete the User Settings variant of the Product Planning Table which is currently assigned to a User 

Using this program you can copy user-specific settings for the Product Planning Table, Resource Planning Table, Detailed Scheduling Planning Board, Product View, so that they are available for other users.

/SAPAPO/CRES_CAPACITY_LENGTHENThis report should be executed periodically in order to ensure that the time streams of the resources are up to date
in the liveCache. When the time streams are outdated in the liveCache, this can cause issues during order
scheduling (for example, an order is scheduled during a non-working time of the Resource) 
/SAPAPO/DMOPR_REORG_CTPIn a CTP scenario, if you terminate the Sales Order maintenance (VA01 / VA02) in ECC with /n, this may cause
database inconsistencies in the table /SAPAPO/OPR. Report /SAPAPO/DMOPR_REORG_CTP reorganizes
the operations table so that such inconsistencies are removed from the system. 
Z_ORDER_WO_OPR_SEARCHThis report can be used to search for orders which do not contain any operations in APO. It was provided in note
918648. Note 1426836 enhances the report so it works both for orders that exist only in APO and also for orders
that exist in both systems. 
918648 and 1426836

Creates pegging areas for all Location-Products in a given Planning Version which do not have a pegging area yet.
If a pegging area is missing for a particular Location-Product in APO, it is preferable to execute transaction
/SAPAPO/RRP_NETCH with the option to create pegging area instead of executing this report.  

/SAPAPO/MATRIX_TO_LC_SENDUsed to regenerate the Setup Matrix in the liveCache. Can solve some setup matrix inconsistencies. 
/SAPAPO/ORDER_NETWORKThis report was provided in note 1633057. It can be used to view orders graphically. The report is already contained
in the newest releases and support packages. 
/SAPAPO/CDMS_DELSCHED_DELETEDeletion Report for Scheduling Agreement Releases and Confirmations 
/SAPAPO/CDMS_RECOVER_DDS_CONFRegenerate the SD Scheduling Agreements in the liveCache from the database tables. 
/SAPAPO/SETUP_GROUP_COPYCopies setup groups from one APO system to anotherSAP Help
/SAPAPO/SETUP_MATRIX_COPYCopies setup matrices from one APO system to anotherSAP Help


PP/DS Related liveCache Reports


Find Defect Pegging Areas



Find Defect Pegging Areas (All Planning Versions)



This report is a last resort for deletion of inconsistent order data from the liveCache.

It is recommended not to run it without contacting SAP Support first

The user has to know previously the order which he wants to delete - It is necessary to inform the OrderID
of the order to be deleted.

It should not be used often or as a planning tool - if liveCache details for a given order
are deleted with this report and there are still some entries in non-liveCache APO tables
(like /SAPAPO/OPR or /SAPAPO/ORDFLDS), these will not be deleted, thus generating
inconsistencies in the system! It is not supported by SAP - for further details, check KBA 1867390

/SAPAPO/OM_ORDKEY_ORDMAP_CHECKCheck Consistency of Ordkey, Ordmap, and Order Objects. The report should only be executed
at times when there are no CIF activities occuring, because during order transfer there may be
temporary inconsistencies in the system which will be solved as soon as the queue gets processed,
thus making the result of the report unreliable otherwise. 

PP/DS Related Reports - Automotive


PPC: Analysis report for the PRC future change records



Analysis report for RPM runtime objects



Delete/Archive finally confirmed orders


PP/DS Related Reports - Miscelaneous



Consistency Check Product Master Classification/Configuration



Report for APO and R/3 Consistency Check for Product Variants

RCIFORDTThis report can be used in ECC side to make an initial transfer for a small selection of planned or
production orders. 
/SAPAPO/AMON_REORGReorganizes alerts and deletes obsolete entries from database table /SAPAPO/ALERT_HP1885008
ZZ_PCM_DEL_PCMHReport to delete from database table /SAPAPO/PCMH Production Campaigns which are marked
as deleted 
ZZ_SEARCH_COMPONENT_PARENTReport which checks for component with invalid references to parent materials (phantom
assemblies). The inconsistent orders found may be transferred from ECC to APO with
report RCIFORDT to fix the issue  

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  2. Tiago: Do you know of a report in PPDS that could list all the Sources of Supply (for Planned/Process Orders) in one report?