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Generally, this document is created for the specific issue, when the map is not getting displayed in SAP Transportation Management. Please consider the following settings and configuration and make sure you have pefromed the following settings:

  •  The MAP is activated in the customizing:  Path: SPRO -> SAP Transportation Management -> Transportation Management -> Basic Functions -> Geographical Map -> Define Settings for Geographical Map. Create an entry here and activate the checkbox for the map.  
  • The page layout has been configured: Path: Application Administration - Planning - General Settings - Page Layouts - Page Layouts for transportation cockpit: In the order details tab you can see the label 'Map'. In the configuration data you can see the configuration ID. This should be /SCMTMS/WDCC_MDC_VB21:  
  • The SAP Visual Business Control/ActiveX Control has been enabled. Path: Internet Explorer Menu -> Tools -> Manage add-ons. This control is required to display the map correctly in the transportation network cockpit.
  • The URL of your application server you connect to has been added to your trusted sites and the ActiveX controls with a confirmation popup upon execution has been set.  Path: Internet Explorer Menu -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Trusted Sites -> Sites. When you then open the transportation network cockpit, accept the popup which shows up.

If you set everything as described above and the issue is still happening, please take a look at the following SAP Notes, it might be some missing note causing this issue:

For SAP_UI 740:

  • 2154957 - Unified Rendering for SAP_UI 740

For SAP_UI 750:

  • 2207387 - Unified rendering for SAP_UI 750
  • 2213989 - FPM & VisBiz: Correction IE11 + Plugin-check
  • 2226804 - Visbiz GUIBB: Dump when try to open context menu in UI5 version

Besides these notes it is also recommended to search for notes in application area Transportation Management, especially in areas TM-BF-MAP and TM-PLN-MAP.  

In addition, please consider the following SAP consulting notes, which contain useful information related to this issue:

  • 2190523 - FAQ for TM Planning & Network
  • 2211175 - 3D visualization of load plan or resource viewer not displayed

 And last but not least, it's worth to go through the Monday Knowledge Snipet, which describes certain features in SAP TM,  for example several MAP related functions: