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The purpose of this process is set up Manual Forecast approval process.


Set up Manual approval process using transactions /n/SAPAPO/SPPFCSTAPPR.

Manual Forecast Approval process

Forecast approval process carries out for the forecast calculation results updated in the Final Forecast keyfigure values.

When you run the forecast,The system firstly updates the final forecast keyfigure values and then compares it to the previous final forecast. If the comparison exceeds certain threshold value or certain limit value which is greater than this Threshold value or limit Value , the system forwards the Forecast results for manual approval..

We can check the maximum deviation value in the field of Approval: Maximum Deviation in the general tab of Forecast profile screen.

If you want to define your own value for the maxium standard deviation, you need to use BADI  "BAdI: Define Parameters for Forecast Approval".

The forecast planner can view with the forecast values that are greater than the Threshold value or limit value, these values that the system does not approve automatically.

Forecast planner can do forecast approval process like below:

.Manually approve the forecast results:

If the forecast planner approves the results, the system deletes the values from the table and saves them as new final forecast values in the transaction data layer (TDL) and in the liveCache.

The planner can reset the parameters or choose another forecast model, and then restart the forecast run with the new settings.


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