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Forecast Manual entries at the entry location and their Disaggegation to child locations of BOD.  Forecast Disaggegation service always starts from the Entry Location of the BOD to Child locations.


If customer update values  manually in the  keyfigure " Demand: Manual Forecast" in the Forecast UI screen (Interactive Forecasting) at the entry location of BOD  and save the data. System takes these values as base of aggregated values of all locations  and then disaggegate to child locations of that BOD.

In case, if you try to update manual entries at the parent location level ( 2nd level) of the BOD) and save the data.  Once save the forecast values, customer expecting the Manual values need to be disaggregated to 3rd level locations. This will not be right expectation. 

Forecast Disaggregation service starts always from entry location of BOD to child location. It will not start from the next lower level locations. This is standard Design.


Forecast Disaggregation happens with running  standalone service or without running service even from entry location of BOD.

You can check the Disaggregation service code in the below class and method.



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