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The SAP Connector application allows users to mass upload Item-Location (IL), Item-Location-Customer (ILC), and Vendor data into custom EIS tables in SAP. You can use this feature to initially load data into your SAP system. You can also use this feature to update IL, ILC, and Vendor data records as an alternative to using the /EIO/MM02 transaction.


Attached are files you can use to input IL (Item-Location) and ILC (Item-Location-Customer) data to be loaded into SAP through the Mass Upload feature. This feature will populate the custom EIS tables in SAP and these are the excel templates referred to in the "SAP Connector Installation and User's Guide".

There is sample data in each file that you should delete.

The files are text files that you can open with excel to input your data, then save each file as a text file. Follow the instructions in the Installation and User's Guide.

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