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The purpose of this page is to provide useful information on Model and Planning Version Management.


For Planning Version Copy information please visit the Sub Page: Planning Version Copy in SCM APO and for Version Copy problems and resolutions, visit the Version Copy Troubleshooting Guide - Guided Answers.

Model and Version Management general information:

  • Transaction:  /n/sapapo/mvm

Create Model
Create Planning Version
Copy Model with Planning Version
Delete Model/Planning Version
Compare 2 Planning Versions
Deletion: in /n/sapapo/mvm the version can be flagged for deletion, the actual delete is done in a periodically running report /sapapo/om_reorg_daily

  • Transaction:  /n/sapapo/scc07 - Model assignment

    1. Create a Work Area for the model
    2. Change
    3. Under the map, select ''Work Area'' tab > ''Add objects''
    4. Fill selection criteria and ''Run'' , then Save.

Transactions / Reports for deleting a planning version:

  • /N/SAPAPO/MVM - managing models and planning versions (even deletion)
  • /SAPAPO/ACT_VERS_DEL <= to delete version 000

Version Copy in Process Chain

  • Process Type: SCM version copy

Useful reports and transactions:

  • /SAPAPO/OM_REORG_DAILY=>Delete the planned deletion of models and versions.
  • /SAPAPO/RLCDELETE=>Delete transactional data of a planning version, an SNP report which deletes orders of selected ATP categories in a planning version
  • /SAPAPO/OM17=>check inconsistency of stocks and location products
  • /SAPAPO/DM_PEGKEY_REORG - Reorganization and removal of //PEGKEY inconsistencies

Planning Version and Simulation Version

The concept of the plan version is not related with the concept of the simulation version. In some database tables the planning version is called with e.g. SIMID, dont let it cofuse you.

Simversion is meant to be a locking concept while planning in PPDS transactions.

Planning versions are a different data set from the 000 active version, created for testing (simulating) scenarios with different settings and data.

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