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DRP matrix screen show the In-Transit values at the keyfigure level




Transaction /SAPAPO/SPPDRPM - enter Products X1 & Location Y1.  Key figure In Transit shows values, though There is no inbound delivery open status in ERP system.


Customer expecting the synchronization between ERP and APO system. 


How can we find the root Cause and fix Inconsistency of In-transit values manually?

SPP DRP and the SPP Schedule Board (TA /SAPAPO/SPPDRPSB) do not have any extra SPP DB tables. They read the situation as it is from Live Cache.

In the Product View, there is an ASN (ATP category AH) from Date with open QTY.

DRP reads this data from Live Cache (the SPP keyfigure INV_INTRANSIT is converted into the LC category AH).

Tried with CIF Transactions like below:

Executed CFM1/CFM2 with the option POs and Preqs and * PO memo. Though PR's and PO's are removed. But we still see the PO memo in SPP.

TA /sapapo/rrp3 – We can see PO Memo

In TA MD04 for this material/plant combination - we can see Shipping Notification.

Should be checked at the PO memo (confirmations) in ECC and APO and the situation seems consistent at least from the LC (live cache) point of view. This shows the problem is rather related to a specific SPP tables which failed to be updated during integration correctly. In this situation if you run the reconciliation report TA /sapapo/ccr for confirmations there should be no inconsistencies.

In case of the problem relate to a failed update the retransfer of the orders from ECC to APO.

The better way is you run the program RIMODINI via the TA se38 which run the initial transfer instead of delta transfer. The difference is that initial transfer does not compare the active and previous versions and transfer the differences in selection of object for specific material/plant combinations but rather transfer all the objects within the selection (selection done in cfm1) of Integration Mode (IM).  IF you still find the inconsistency in the DRP matrix, we need to check further below.

The ASN stays in DRP matrix after the GR. The expected scenario is that the GR were processed but the update probably failed in APO.

The initial transfer as same as activating of IM (integration model) from ECC does not help as the ASN (confirmation/shipping notification) which has been GR posted is not sent to APO. To APO only ASN where ekes-menge > ekes-damng are sent. In case of GR posted the ekes-menge = ekes-damng.

you have point out two materials in plant Y1, X1 and X2.  For this selection exist following PO's items EKPO EBELN EBELP and so following confirmations in ECC DB table EKES (visible as intransits in DRP)


TABLE  EKES  and  Below Field values to be concentrated




where confirmations with ESTKZ = 4 are not sent to APO and are not considered by CCR as those are return deliveries (are not visible/shown in DRP). where confirmations having DABMG >= MENGE are ignored as these confirmations are fully GR or reduced. are valid and should be in APO.


Where in DRP the cumulative quantity is shown thus for Order Z1, it's  quantity  Q1 and  Order Z2 it's quantity Q2 (sume menge - sume dabmg )


According to this information we can say the situation in ECC correspond to situation in APO, the system works as designed. If you  get * of these quantities you need to reduce, delete or GR the mentioned confirmations (where menge > dabmg). 


Checking points at code level: 

Check in code level , FM  cif_refresh_purchase_order in ECC

SA Order Z1,  Item  XXX1, Delivery schedule line Item 0002 - is not sent to APO due to ESTKZ = 4>
prevented to be selected in me_apo_initialize_po using FM cif_refresh_purchase_order
4 = Return delivery
(If a return delivery was generated as an outbound delivery with reference to an inbound delivery.
row object type doc item sched delivery_date , quantity_in, quantity_out, ordid
situation is inconsistent in EKES table.

Z1 XXX1  0001 LA Date                          Q1          0,000
FM  /sapapo/cif_delta3_comp_po
IT_R3_OBJ[] row objecttype doc item sched quantity_in quantity_out
Order Z1  SA Item  XXX1  Delivery schedule line Item 0002   quantity Q1
Order Z2  is is quantity Q2

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