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The packaging specification is kind of a description on how a certain product should be packed.

The packaging itself takes place in the EWM.

There are three screens for the packaging specification functionality:

  • Pack Spec overview screen
  • Pack Spec maintenance view
  • Pack Spec assignment screen


Pack Spec assignment screen

On this screen one can assign Pack Specs to products and prioritize that assignment. So more than one Pack Spec can be assigned to a certain product.

On the HU screen the Pack Spec with the highest priority will be selected as default for automatic packing. But the user must not do the automatic packing with the default Pack Spec, but can choose any Pack Sped that is assigned to the corresponding product.

In theory a Pack Spec must not contain a product to be packed (but can e.g. contain other Pack Specs only). So the assignment of a Pack Spec to a product is not only needed for prioritizing reasons.


Pack Spec overview screen

On the Pack Spec overview screen one can select/view lists of Pack Specs. There is not much functionality available on that screen:

  • Deletion of Pack Specs
  • Copy of Pack Specs
  • Navigation to Pack Spec details