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The purpose of this WIKI is to explain  the Planning Service Manager in  SPP-APO.


In this wiki you will have an overview of the PSM in SPP-APO, explaining the profiles and their functionalities.

Planning Service Manager


ŸThe PSM is a framework, allowing to run compatible programs (Services) in an environment providing central services.
This services could be a Deployment, Forecast, Inventory Balancing, Supersession Service, DRP and others.
The  Planning Service Manager  could accessed  by the transaction  Ÿ/SAPAPO/PE_RUN.

Logs generated by the PSM could be checked in the transaction Ÿ/SAPAPO/PE_LOG_DISP.

Configuration of a PSM Service


ŸThe planning profile contain all the information that the planning service manager require .
There are three profiles involved in the configuration of a PSM Service, the selection profile, process profile and service profile.


The Planning Profile can be defined int he transaction: /SAPAPO/PE_CFG


Selection Profile


The selection profile defines the scope of the planning.
Here, the location and the product are defined.
To define the Selection profile, go to  the transaction /SE38 and run the program /SAPAPO/PE_SELECTION.


Process Profile


The process profile contains  the method of the package creation in ther service and controls the detail of the logs
The process profile can be mantained with the transaction /SAPAPO/PE_CFG3

Configuration of a PSM Service


ŸThe Service profile contain the algorithms used in the planning services.
Planning services could be Deployment, Forecast, Inventory Balancing, Supersession Service, DRP and others.
The service profile can be accessed by the transacion /SPRO following this chain :
->SCM Basis->Planning Service Manager->Configure Planning Service Manager



Planning Service Manager : /SAPAPO/PE_RUN
Planning Service Manager logs : /SAPAPO/PE_LOG_DISP
Define Planning Profile : /SAPAPO/PE_CFG
Define Selections : /SE38  /SAPAPO/PE_SELECTION
Define Process Profile : /SAPAPO/PE_CFG3

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