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This page provides you with information about Interchangeability Group maintenance and key customizing regarding the area.


  1. Creation and maintenance of Interchangeability Groups:

    1. Transaction: /INCMD/UI
    2. Using CIF: eg. transferring Simple Discontinuation from ERP to SCM (APO) system
    3. Manually by Function Module (Test from SE37): /INCMD/BAPI_GROUP_SAVE


''Change allowed from'' FLAG: The flag CHGALWD (/INCMD/PNINCH-CHGALWD) is basically meant for preventing data collision during INC group creation and change. The flag controls if the INC group can be edited only from (' ') UI or (1) Using UI, BAPI, or CIF or (2) Using BAPI or CIF. Special developments are existing only for different scenarios to change this behavior but not built into SAP Standard. This logic can not be modified in the standard system.



    1. Transaction: /INCMD/UI

Search existing INC or Create new Group:


Header Tab – Group type: you can select relevant Group Type

See descriptions of the Interchangeability Group Types at Help Portal:

Let's create a Supersession Chain as an example:

Group type: Supersession Chain

Group: “Type group name”

Group Description: “Type group description”


Append rows:

Group deatails: Here you can add products and define replacement types 

Select an Item row to open Member Details by clicking on it:


Basic Data: Define Predecessor and Successor products:

“Attributes tab”: You can add other details e.g. validity date or warning message.


Location Tab: Assign an existing Location


Then “Save” the INC Group.                


b.  Using CIF: eg. transferring Simple Discontinuation from ERP to SCM (APO) system FMs are used in the process: Integration of Simple Discontinuation Master Data from an ERP system Material to an APO Supersession Chain Interchangeability group.

Setup at ECC side:

  • ERP Material Master's side (Transaction: MM02) (MRP4 tab, Discontinued Parts)
    Further info about ERP discontinuation data is available at the blog document here.


  • CIF interface setup: 1966169 - EHP6: Enterprise Business Functions for transfer of new objects. The CFM1 transaction needs to populate the CIFSSD function.
  • Enter the Material Numbers to the field populated by the Simple Discontinuation function.

Sending function Module: CIF_SSD_SEND

SCM side:

Receiving Function Module: /SAPAPO/CIF_SSD_INBOUND. The create/update/delete process responsible function module is /INCMD/BAPI_GROUP_SAVE and /INCMD/BAPI_GROUP_DELMULTI.

 - /SAPAPO/CIF_SSD_INBOUND > In order to adjust INC group names the Badi: /SAPAPO/CIF_BADI_SSD method MODIFY_SSD_DATA can be used.
  1  -
/INCMD/BAPI_GROUP_SAVE > 1st place it inserts new INC Group entries
> It checks for already existing INC Groups
2nd place it updates already existing INC Groups
  4  -
/INCMD/BAPI_GROUP_DELMULTI > it deletes the INC Groups (if method type was "D")  

Locations (plant in ERP) is always considered during the INC group maintenance, meaning that INC groups will be maintained only on the respective location.

The result will be visible in the /INCMD/UI:


For CIF transfer related error messages, that are not detailed in the SMQ2 transaction, you can search in transaction SLG1 with the object: ''CIFSCM''


c. Function Module (Test from SE37): /INCMD/BAPI_GROUP_SAVE

By filling required and optional fields there is a possibility to maintain the INC groups by this function module. This FM is also released for usage in custom code.



2.  SPRO customizing:

INC: Advanced Planning and Optimization -> Master Data -> Product and Location Interchangeability

Consistency Checks Maintain Field Catalog pre-settings and Validation Checks settings (for essential attributes eg.: Unit of measure, Procurement type) – By these validation and consistency check settings you can set up group content rules and avoid inconsistency between product groups.




Group types to display: you can define group types to display and make selectable in /INCMD/UI .



3.  Tables:

/INCMD/LKUP - Lookup table for INC groups (PNAME = Group Name) (Integrated Product and Process Engineering = iPPE object)




4. SHMM (Shared Memory Object related disfunctions)

Please see SAP KBA: 2608825

5.Sequence of steps in case you change the Discontinuation data in MM02 and transfer with CIF from ERP to SCM:

The correct logic with CIF would be:
1. MM02 > remove the ''old'' Discontinuation data for the product
2. Transfer these changes to the Interchangeability object with CIF (this step would transfer the SSD INC group with ''D'', delete mode)
3. Define the ''new'' SSD Successor product in MM02
4. Transfer the ''new'' INC Group with CIF (as create ''C'' mode)

In case  the step 2. is missed, then the deletion of the ''old'' discontinuation data does not occur via CIF, and only the creation of the ''new'' group is sent with CIF, then it can cause error messages due to the validation of the groups (product and product location is already existing in the ''old'' group) so it cannot be inserted.

E /INCMD/MSG 175 No group exists with the given search criteria
E /INCMD/MSG 016 Interchangeability group * does not exist; check your entry *
E /INCMD/MSG 043 Product &1 and location &2 already exist in interchangeability group &3 (this can remain hidden within the program, not written out the logs - only debugging can reveal)

In case the business scenario is setup that the CIF cannot be run with all changes of the Discontinuation data in ERP side, then it can still be fixed with: 2278594 -ERP -> SCM material simple discontinuation transfer does not delete old chain. The BAdI /SAPAPO/CIF_BADI_SSD->MODIFY_SSD_DATA must contain additional logic in which the to be deleted data is prepared (from the ''old chain'').

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