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/SAPAPO/PPM_CLEAN_UP is a report which locates  orphaned data records (DB records without relationship to higher-level tables) in the PPM and

then deletes them.  Among other things, such orphaned entries can cause SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC dump when inserting one of the PPM tables during CIF integration.

 In general PPM tables are coherently linked by various kinds of GUIDs. In the case of /SAPAPO/MODE, it should be linked this way:


For the orphaned entries, the linkage must be broken somewhere along the line.

Commonly affected tables are

/SAPAPO/PLAN   : PPM plans

/SAPAPO/PLANOPR: Operations in Plan

/SAPAPO/PLANACT: Planning Activities

/SAPAPO/COMP   : Components

/SAPAPO/COMPALT: Components allocation


/SAPAPO/REQCAP : Resources

/SAPAPO/TRPROD : Sources of Supply

/SAPAPO/PRODVERZ: BOM/Task list of Material

/SAPAPO/TRPMOD: Assignment of Sources of Supply for Model

/SAPAPO/PPMT: Language-Dependent Texts

It’s recommended notes 1517463and 1520005( if PDS is used too) are applied first to

avoid possible errors when you run report /SAPAPO/PPM_CLEAN_UP.

If there is a lot of PPM data in your system, the runtime may be high for this report. Therefore, you may wish to schedule the report to run in the background during a quiet time on the system.

It is recommended that the report is scheduled to run about every 3 months to make sure that there is no inconsistent PPM data in your system.

Before running with "Delete data" flag in your production system, you may need to  verify  a little bit to see if the found records are indeed inconsistent with the following

linkage information: