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SAP Integrated Business Planning is a supply chain planning cloud based solution.

To help customers understand the services supplied with the SAP IBP applications we have created this page to help outline the roles and responsibilities to ensure strong collaboration between SAP and our customers. 


In the following sections, for each of the stages of the Customer Lifecycle, you will find the associated roles, tasks, associated descriptions, and key responsible party or key contact.

Key Contacts

SAP Product Support: Support Portal Link  (Component: SCM-IBP)

SAP Operations: Support Portal Link  (Component: SCM-IBP-OPS-SRV)

SAP IBP Customer Office: Contact

SAP IBP Customer Engagement Team:

Prior to Subscription

Role / Task

Role Description


RFP Completion

  • Answer RFP questions

Security Questions / Audit



  • Explanation of Sizing Estimator
  • Initial completion of sizing estimator
  • Initial validation of inputs and results
  • Sizing Estimator clarifications
  • Customer / Partner Implementation Team
  • SAP Pre-sales
  • SAP Development: Ivan Sesar
  • SAP Solution Management: Tod Stenger

Onboarding Checklist Completion

  • Identification of key customer contacts
  • Identification of key project data
  • Identification of key customer IT architecture/landscape
  • Customer & SAP Account Team


Role / Task

Role Description


IT Administrator

  • Check S-User Authorizations
  • Register System for Support
  • Download Excel Add-In
  • Download HCI Agent
  • Review Guides and Help Videos
  • Receive IBP, JAM, IBP URLs
  • Customer

IBP / JAM Integration

  • Configuration of IBP and JAM integration
  • Customer

Single Sign On Configuration

  • Identification of SSO Scenario
  • Setting up of Corporate Identity Provider
  • SCI and IBP integration and SCI and JAM integration
  • Customer
  • SAP Operations

User Setup

  • Initial assignment of Roles and Authorization
  • Assignment of Users to Roles
    • Business users for consuming the IBP functionality
    • Technical users for example, SAP Support users
  • Customer

Transport Setup

  • Setup of Transport Paths between different systems
  • SAP Operations


  • Setting up SAP’s network to restrict access to only specific IP addresses
  • SAP Operations

Your SAP IBP Customer Success Team

Role / Task

Role Description

Key Contacts

Customer Onboarding

  • Provide initial provisioning timing
  • Introduction to SAP onboarding and upgrade processes
  • Introduction on to SAP knowledge sources and Key Contacts
  • Software download access support
  • Initial credential support
  • Maintain Customer Contacts
  • Initial Identity Authentication Service support

Identity Authentication Service (IAS)

  • Definition of IAS Landscape Strategy
  • IAS credential support
  • Cross cloud IAS alignment
  • Single Sign On with Corporate Identity Provider Support
  • IBP Customer Engagement

  • IBP Customer Office

IBP Customer Office: Development/Product  Liaison

IBP Customer Engagement Executive: Solution Adoption Liason

  • Ongoing Solution Adoption Support
  • Escalation of support issues beyond Development Angel
  • Full customer lifecycle engagement and tracking
  • Attend regular project status meetings to get visibility into any issues requiring attention
  • Monitor any incidents logged and facilitate communication between the customer, support, and development teams
  • Provide guidance on how to overcome technical challenges
  • Provide feedback to Product Owners on the project and any key learnings
  • Customer Influence enhancement request process
  • IBP Customer Engagement

  • IBP Customer Office

Development Experts

  • Provide guidance on how to overcome technical challenges
  • Provide feedback to Product Owners on the project and any key learnings
  • Attend regular project steering committee meetings to get visibility to project status

Upgrade Planning and Communications

  • Communicate timing and impact of upgrades
  • Coordinate scheduling of upgrades
  • IBP Product Support

  • IBP Customer Engagement

IBP Product Support

  • All Product Related issues
  • Contact for Operations related topics
  • IBP Product Support

Upgrading and Applying Patches

Role / Task

Role Description


Upgrade Planning and Communications

  • Communicate timing and impact of upgrades
  • Coordinate scheduling of upgrades
  • IBP Customer Engagement

  • IBP Customer Office

Planning Area Activation

  • Activation of any planning areas post upgrade to take advantage of latest released capabilities.
  • Customer

Smoke Testing

  • Testing of basic functionality post upgrade
  • Customer or
  • SAP Support (upon request through support ticket)

Regression Testing

  • Test existing Key Customer Specific functionality
  • Customer

Emergency Patch Application

  • Application of customer specific emergency patch outside normal release cycle on customer SAP IBP system
  • SAP Operations

Ongoing System and Project Support

Role / Task

Role Description


Performance Monitoring

  • SAP Operations

Integration Job Monitoring

  • Customer

Integration Job Scheduling

  • Customer


  • Incident Submission
  • Incident Resolution
  • Customer
  • SAP Product Support


  • Ensure all customer systems and data are secure
  • SAP Operations
  • SAP Infrastructure

System Monitoring

  • Ensure licensed applications are available to customers as per contracted Service Level Agreement
  • SAP Operations


  • Transport generation
  • Transport promotion
  • Customer

Ad-hoc Backup

  • SAP Operations

Data Refresh/Copy

  • SAP Operations
  • OS build and support
  • Regular maintenance activities
  • Network configuration and monitoring
  • Storage monitoring & escalation
  • Backup monitoring, troubleshooting and escalation
  • Customer & Partner – Technical onboarding
  • Landscape set up activities
  • SAP Operations
Application Management Support
  • Application support for customer incidents
  • Application availability to meet customer SLA with monitoring tools
  • Technical support for the projects 
  • SAP Operations
Release & Deployment
  • Regular QA builds/fixes and deployments
  • Regular code deployments for production landscapes
  • Change requests implementations
  • User provisioning access
  • SAP Operations
Configuration & Change Management
  • Implementing and Documenting changes
  • Emergency patching on demand
  • Security material handling
  • Release software update
  • SAP Operations

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