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1) What is Converged Cloud and why is SAP IBP Cloud systems moving to Converged Cloud?

Converged Cloud is an Infrastructure Platform built with the industry latest architecture and design, with features like Software-Defined Networks and Security Groups, Hana Optimized Compute, Linear scale and capacity extension, seamless integration of networks. Converged Cloud Datacenters are certified with Security Standards such as ISO 27001 and SOC.

As part of SAP’s Cloud Strategy and continued commitment towards improving Services, Stability, Security and Technology, we plan to migrate SAP IBP customer instances to a modern and state-of the art Infrastructure Stack, which we refer to as “Converged Cloud.”

2) Are the Converged Cloud Datacenters Security Compliant ?

Yes, Converged Cloud Datacenters are Security Certified (IS27001 and SOC) and all the certifications are available in SAP Trust Center portal link.

3) Can I skip the migration?

No. As part of SAPs strategy, Converged Cloud is an integral part of the roadmap, and is the future infrastructure stack for SAP Cloud solutions.

4) Is re-scheduling of the migration allowed ?

Re-scheduling should be avoided as we expect no business impact on account of this activity. Since we are migrating your IBP Test Tenant during non-business hours and IBP Production Tenant during the Weekend Maintenance Window.

5) When will my systems be migrated ?

Detailed schedule would be notified to the customer contacts well in advance at least two weeks prior to the migration. The SAP IBP Test Tenant would be migrated during non-business hours on Thursday and the SAP IBP Production Tenant would be migrated during the same weekend Maintenance Window.

Start Time in UTC per region

APJ : SAT 3 pm UTC
Europe : SAT 10 pm UTC
Americas : SUN 4 am UTC

6) Will there be any downtime associated with the migration?

Downtime is expected to be less than 4 hours. The SAP IBP Test Tenant would be migrated during non-business hours on Thursday, and the SAP IBP Production Tenant would be migrated during the same weekend Maintenance Window. Detailed schedule would be notified to the customer contacts well in advance prior to the migration. 

7) Are there any actions required by the customer team to support the migration?

In most cases no. However, for certain Data Centers namely Newtown square, Moscow and for few Sterling customers a few actions will be required due to CPI DS tenant change. In case customer actions are required to support the migration a clear communication with the specific instructions will be provided to the customer as part of the migration planning notification. The required customer actions should not take more than 15 minutes.
For customers requiring customer action to support the migration the CPI-DS Agent will need to be re-configured post CPI-DS/IBP Production migration. 

  • Below are the re-configuration steps for the CPI-DS Agent required by the Customer:
  • Stop the CPI-DS agents
  • Edit the config file: %DS_COMMON_DIR%/conf/DSConfig.txt, and change the following URLs to use the destination DC application.
    • HANALoadUrl = https://<New CPIDSURL>DSoD/agentmanager/data_loader
    • AgentManagerUrl = https://<New CPIDSURL> /DSoD/agentmanager
    • UploadCertUrl = https://<New CPIDSURL> /DSoD
  • Restart CPI-DS Agents

In case you have configured the outbound communication with SAP CPI-DS you need to update the communication system’s host name to reflect the new CPI-DS server name. Steps to update described below:

Navigate to Application UI --> Communication Arrangements App → click on Scenario Id “SAP_COM_0035” 

 Click on Communication system “Display”

Click Edit → Change the Host Name (to get the new Hostname/Service URL details, please refer the migration notification email)


8) Does the migration impact transports?

Yes, transports cannot be processed until both the Test and Production migration is completed to the new Datacenter. The test system would be migrated on Thursday after business hours and Production in the same weekend Maintenance Window.

9) Would CPI-DS be unavailable during the migration?

Only for Moscow, Newtown square Data Center Customers and Few Sterling Customers, the CPI-DS would be migrated as part of the IBP Production Tenant Migration. Therefore, CPI-DS would be unavailable for the SAP IBP Test Tenant (after migrating to Converged Cloud) until IBP Production Tenant is also migrated to the Converged Cloud.

10) Would the SAP IBP Tenant URL change?

No, the URL would remain the same after Migration to the New Datacenter

11) Is there an impact on any Integrations such as Co-Pilot, IAS/IDP, SDI, JAM, etc ?

There will be no impact to any Integrations as the IBP Tenant URL remains the same.

However, kindly follow the below steps in case you have configured CPI-DS URL with an IAS or 3rd Party IDP

If your tenant is configured with SAP Cloud Platform Identify Authentication (IAS), you will need to update the metadata file on the IAS to point to a new CPI-DS URL. Since you are not able to access the tenant metadata under “Administration” > “Identity Provider”, after the migration completes, SAP will provide the metadata file for updating the IAS. See below for steps:

1. Go to the IAS admin page (i.e. https://*

2. Go to “Application & Resources” > “Applications”

3. Identify and select the (custom) application for CPI-DS tenant

4. Click on “SAML 2.0 Configuration” and the configuration page will show up.

5. Under metadata file, upload the file and it will automatically update the configuration.

6. Verify that the name and endpoints are pointing to the correct tenant. Once they are correct, IAS is not pointing to new tenant.

For more details, please check here.

12) Would there be an impact on my current whitelisting configuration?

No impact for the whitelisting implemented at SAP side, however the customers who have Whitelisted the IBP Instance Public IP on their side, would have to adapt to new public IP. New Public IP would be shared along with the detailed communication of the schedule, well in advance to the migration date.

13) Is there anything else changing with this migration ?

No. Other attributes like SLAs, Contractual Clauses, Support Services, Service Catalogues, SLM (Hotfix & Release Upgrades) process etc remains as it is now.

14) Who do I contact for any questions related to the Converged Cloud Migration?

SAP IBP Operations via SCM-IBP-OPS-SRV and/or the SAP IBP Customer Office (

15) Would there be any change in communication from the On-Premise system (ECC/ERP/APO,..etc) to the SAP IBP Cloud system after the migration?

No changes to communication after migration. In case, if there are any communications maintained in your On-Premise system (ECC/ERP/APO) systems to connect to the IBP system using the HTTP (80) protocol, kindly change the protocol to HTTPS (443). HTTP Protocol is not allowed in Converged Cloud.

16) After the completion of migration to converged cloud, some of our users are still getting IBP Maintenance page ?

There might be instances where some users will get IBP Maintenance page even though the URL is UP. We request you to clear your browser cache or/and flush the DNS entries using command ipconfig /flushdns .



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