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This document covers frequently asked questions from Consultants, Partners and Customers about SAP Integrated Business Planning Intelligent User Assistance with SAP Enable Now. The purpose of this document is to cover important questions that come up regarding SAP Enable Now. If you have additional questions that need to be added, please contact the SAP IBP Customer Engagement Team ( 

SAP IBP Intelligent User Assistance with SAP Enable Now PDF | Recording

 Q: How do we enable SAP Enable Now? Is it a license? 

A: You can enable it in IBP with the help of this integration guide.The SAP Enable Now standard content is available without a license. If you want to start editing the content, then you need a SAP Enable Now license.

 Q: We already have Enable Now and the web assistant is active (on S4HC). Does this mean that this will be automatically available as well, or will we be given instructions on how to activate it?

A: You will need to activate it. You can reuse your existing SAP Enable Now tenant.

 Q: Is Learning Center currently available in SAP IBP?

A: Yes, the standard content is available.

 Q: Do we need to get enable Web Assistant first in our IBP Web Environment?

A: Yes, you need to enable the Web Assistant in your IBP application first.

 Q: Can you restrict the content an end user sees by role type?

A: Yes, but this requires more detailed setup via the Fiori applications. 

 Q: We own Enable SAP Now as an on-premise version. Could we also use the use the producer for our IBP?

A: The Web Assistant with the standard content can be used with the SAP Enable Now on-premise edition. If you want to create your own content you need to have the on-premise manager on a SAP HANA database to use the Web Assistant.

 Q: Is the cost of the SAP Enable Now license product based or does it include everything?

A: The license is user-based.

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