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This post is used for ongoing SAP customer communications related to major release upgrades of SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain.

For CPI-DS Major Release upgrades, please see this link. (Please note that SAP IBP and CPI-DS share the same Regular Maintenance Periods)

For the upgrade process and communication Information, please see this link.

Upcoming Planned Major Upgrades

  • SAP IBP 2008Applied to Customer Systems August 1 to August 16, 2020 (Planned Release to Hosting July 30, 2020)
  • SAP IBP 2011Applied to Customer Systems October 31 to November 14, 2020 (Planned Release to Hosting October 28, 2020)
  • SAP IBP 2102: Applied to Customer Systems February 6 to February 20, 2021 
  • SAP IBP 2105: Applied to Customer Systems May 8 to May 22, 2021 
  • SAP IBP 2108: Applied to Customer Systems August 7 to August 21, 2021 
  • SAP IBP 2111: Applied to Customer Systems October 30 to November 13, 2021 

Upgrade Scheduling Approach:

Note: Weekend 1 = Weekend 1 Post Release; Weekend 2 = Weekend 2 Post Release; Weekend 3 = Weekend 3 Post Release

Weekend 1August 1, 2020October 31, 2020February 6, 2021May 8, 2021August 7, 2021October 30, 2021
Weekend 2 (No Longer Applicable)August 8, 2020November 7, 2020

Weekend 3August 15, 2020November 14, 2020February 20, 2021May 22, 2021August 21, 2021November 13, 2021

Upcoming Planned Regular Maintenance

Note: HFC (Hot Fix Collection) = SP (Support Pack)

IBP rel


Contract Maintenance Period Customer Deployment

Patch Collection Information Note 




Nov 14, 2020 / Nov 15, 2020

     SAP Note 2937891


Nov 28, 2020 / Nov 29, 2020


Dec 12, 2020 / Dec 13, 2020


Dec 26, 2020 / Dec 27, 2020


Jan 16, 2021 / Jan 17, 2021

IBP rel


Contract Maintenance Period Customer Deployment

Patch Collection Information Note 




Aug 15, 2020 / Aug 16, 2020

     SAP Note  2897327


Aug 29, 2020 / Aug 30, 2020


Sep 19, 2020 / Sep 20, 2020


Oct 03, 2020 / Oct 04, 2020

IBP rel


Contract Maintenance Period Customer Deployment

Patch Collection Information Note 




May 16, 2020 / May 17, 2020

     SAP Note  2879403


May 30, 2020 / May 31, 2020


Jun 20, 2020 / Jun 21, 2020


Jul 04, 2020 / Jul 05, 2020

HFC deployments run within local CMP (UTC) of the Data Center.


SUN 04:00 UTC to 08:00 UTC


SAT 22:00 UTC to SUN 02:00 UTC

Asia Pacific

SAT 15:00 UTC – Sat 19:00 UTC


FRI 19:00 UTC to FRI 23:00 UTC

Future timings of upgrades are subject to change.

Maintenance and Service Level Agreement Document : LINK

Published SAP Integrated Business Planning Roadmap: LINK

Upgrade Communication and Planning Guidelines
  • Upgrade notifications are sent to system administrator contacts.
  • Tip: make sure your email software doesn’t block this email address to avoid it going to your SPAM/Junk Mail email.
  • Specific schedule of customer system updates will be communicated via email.
  • SAP provides code fix support only for "n-1" versions. ie. when a new version (version "n") is "Released to Hosting," support is dropped for the "n-2" version.
  • Upgrade notifications are only provided for major release upgrades.
  • Hotfix Collections (HFC) and Emergency Patches (EP) are applied during the regular Contract Maintenance Period. Customer communications are not provided for HFC or EPs.

Upgrade NOTIFICATION for SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain

Notification Purpose

As part of SAP’s continued commitment to provide you with high value applications, we will be upgrading SAP IBP 2005 systems to SAP IBP 2008. For more information, please see:

  • Expect your systems to be unavailable during this period. This is consistent with the contracted maintenance windows.
  • SAP will apply this upgrade (see the Upgrade Planned Maintenance section above).
Important Information

Activation of Planning Area

  • Generally, you do not need to reactivate your planning areas when you upgrade. However, you may have to reactivate to take advantage of certain capabilities. For more information, please review the sneak preview or the What's New (links above).
  • For additional activation guidance, please review the model configuration guide (available as of RTC). If activation ends with an error you cannot solve, please create a customer incident.

Activities after the upgrade

  • System administrators should note that transports will only work between systems on identical SAP IBP Release and HFC (Hot Fix Collection). This means transports are not possible in the period between Test (Weekend 1) and Production tenant upgrade (Weekend 3).
  • After the Production tenant is upgraded it will be on HFC #3 whereas the Test tenant will still be on HFC #2. The Test tenant will receive HFC #3 during the Contract Maintenance Period (CMP). As mentioned in the paragraph above transports between tenants with different HFC patches won´t work. Therefore customers should wait before releasing any transports from the Test to Production tenants until the CMP is over. Please see above HFC deployment section for CMP Schedule.
  • For mandatory tasks that your administrators/configuration experts need to perform after the upgrade to 2008, please see the sneak preview or the What's New (links above). To find these tasks, filter the table for Mandatory task after upgrade. Filter for Must Know to identify disruptive changes that you need to have in mind if you want to set up new processes or create new objects after the upgrade. 
  • SAP IBP applications that use UI5 technology (non-Fiori web applications), such as, the Configuration UI, may require a clearing of the browser cache as described in SAP Note 2264167. This is particularly important after an upgrade because then the already downloaded and cached code on client (customer side) might no longer be in sync with the enhanced code on server side. It is not possible for SAP to clear the cache automatically after an upgrade. Note that the Configuration UI clears related cached data weekly, on Sunday at midnight. If you need to check the upgrade results earlier, you need to perform the process manually.

SAP IBP, add-in for Microsoft Excel

  • The upgrade to SAP IBP 2008 does not require you to install the new version of the SAP IBP Excel add-in immediately. You can install it a later time, for example, when you wish to use the new features that are available with the new add-in version. For more information about new features, see the sneak preview or the What's New (links above).

If you decide to use the  SAP IBP Excel add-in 2005 or higher, make sure that you upgrade all of your users from add-in versions older than 2005.

You have to do this because any templates or favorites that have been updated or created by a user with the add-in version 2005 or higher can no longer be opened in previous add-in versions, due to fundamental technical changes in the 2005 version. For more information, see the What’s New for 2005 or this Meet the Expert webinar

  • You can download and install the latest SAP IBP Excel add-in version on the SAP Support Portal. The zip archive that you download contains the following exe files that install the SAP IBP Excel add-in as a single ribbon:

    • IBP_Add-in_NET45_x64.exe for 64-bit Excel installations

    • IBP_Add-in_NET45_x86.exe for 32-bit Excel installations

  • The additional Side-by-Side (SbS) installers are deprecated as of version 2005. As of SAP IBP Excel add-in 2005.2.0, you can use the above-mentioned installers for both SAP IBP standalone and side-by-side installations with SAP EPM-based add-in scenarios.

  • For a list of available SAP IBP Excel add-in versions and the features they contain, please see SAP Note 2394311.

  • A comprehensive feature deep dive and end user guide for the SAP IBP Excel add-in can be found in SAP Note 2740969.

  • For more information on how to install the SAP IBP Excel add-in, see Setting Up the IBP Excel Add-In (Administrators) and Setting Up the IBP Excel Add-In (Business Users). Note the following: 
    • If your current SAP IBP Excel add-in version is 1902 or higher, use the upgrade mechanism for changing to the higher version. You don't need to uninstall the current version.
    • If the current version is lower than 1902, you must deinstall it before installing the higher version.
  • For supported configurations and prerequisites, see SAP Note 2135948.
  • For guidance on packaging and deploying the SAP IBP Excel add-in to end users, see SAP Note 2114654.
  • The minimum supported SAP IBP Excel add-in version is 1808.2.0. Users who try to log on with an older version will receive an error message and must upgrade their version of the SAP IBP Excel add-in. To see which SAP IBP Excel add-in versions are used by your users and to take action if necessary, you can use the System Monitoring app in the SAP IBP backend. As of SAP IBP 2002, this app does not only display the SAP IBP Excel add-in versions, but also the user names associated to these versions. For more information, see SAP Knowledge Base Article 2723410.
  • For more information about restrictions related to the SAP IBP Excel add-in, please check the release restriction note for SAP IBP 2008 (SAP Note 2897269, available as of July 29). 

Questions? Who you should contact.
  • For upgrade planning questions, please submit a customer incident using component: SCM-IBP-OPS-SRV. 
  • Any questions and requests related to the 2008 upgrade need to be submitted by July 28, 2020. SAP will not be able to support requests after this date. 
  • For application and technical support, please use standard SAP support (
  • For SAP IBP Automated Testing Service, please contact SAP Services Team





Regular Maintenance


Start Time in UTC per region




4 hrs

2 hrs

Europe: SAT 10 pm UTC

4 hrs

2 hrs

Americas: SUN 4 am UTC

4 hrs

2 hrs

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