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This document covers frequently asked questions from Consultants, Partners and Customers about the SAP Integrated Business Planning Learning Hub. The purpose of this document is to cover important questions that come up on IBP training regarding Enablement Content, Learning Journeys, SAP Live Access, SAP Learning Rooms, and Reporting. If you have additional questions that need to be added, please contact the SAP IBP Customer Engagement Team ( 

 SAP IBP Training Courses and how to navigate the SAP IBP learning journey PDF | Recording

 Q: Would these certifications qualify one as a functional IBP consultant?       

A: Yes, you would be certified as an SAP Application Consultant (Functional Consultant)

 Q: Is there a way to download the book?  

A: Unfortunately, no. SAP tightly protects its intellectual property in this highly competitive market. Only customers who pay for classroom training will receive a hard copy.

 Q: How can one apply for a certification?

A: In order to take the certification exam, you must follow the instructions here.

 Q: Why have exercises been separated from the course materials?

A: The exercises have limited benefit unless you have a training system on which to practice. This is why the exercises were removed from the course materials (and to make the courses 'shorter'), and made available only to those who have booked Live Access systems. However, if you wish to review the exercises, you can access the e-learning versions of the courses which contain demonstrations.

 Q: On training and certification shop for IBP certification, it states that only IBP100,200 and 300 are required to pass the exam. Is this true?    

A: The current exam C_IBP_1908 is based on IBP100, IBP200, and IBP300 only. The next update, C_IBP_2005 will require IBP110/IBP10e and IBP700/IBP70e knowledge as well.

 Q: Is the e-book downloadable to iPad or PDF?

A: No, the e-book is not downloadable.

 Q: Is it possible to apply for a certificate without following the learning items (e.g. skills got through SAP Press)?

A: Anyone can attempt the exam, even if they have not taken the recommended training courses. However, the questions are derived directly from the training materials and not from SAP Press materials. Unless you have had a significant amount of experience using IBP, we don't recommend taking the exam without first completing the recommended training courses.

 Q: Can we know the name of the instructors of the Virtual Live training?

A: The instructor names are not published.

 Q: Does SAP provide an IBP Demo client?

A: Yes there is an IBP test & demo system on yearly subscription at around $16k cost per annum on a calendar billing basis. We also provide Live Access subscriptions via the Learning Hub. You can learn more about Live Access by searching for HUB320 or HUB360 at

 Q: Do you need a S-User or C-User to buy class or to apply for certification?

A: No.

 Q: When can I get IBP certified for the next update?

A: The next version of the exam, C_IBP_2005 is expected in August 2020.

 Q: Can we register for SAP Certification using our personal emails?

A: Yes, you can register for the Certification using a personal email address.

 Q: Will I have to purchase the training material separately for the certification exam?

A: SAP does not "sell" training materials. We provide access to the training materials via a subscription to the SAP Learning Hub and you can view the materials from there. The IBP training materials are available with a Professional edition subscription or an IoT and Digitial Supply Chain edition subscription.

 Q: What is the difference between IBP200 and IBP20E courses?

A: IBP200 is an e-book (a flip book) version of the exact training materials you would receive if you registered to attend a live training class.  IBP20e contains the same content as IBP200 but is an e-learning course.

 Q: Since there are multiple sections, is there a requirement to score 73% on each section or is it an overall mark of 73%?       

A: It's an overall mark of 73%.  Every version of any exam will have a specific cut score. When the next IBP exam is released, it may have a completely different cut score.

 Q: Do we have to complete assessments on quarterly release versions to Stay Current on certification?

A: No, IBP certification is not yet part of the Stay Current program and you do not need to re-certify every quarter. However, we are looking to introduce Stay Current for IBP in the near future.

 Q: Can you show how we can gain access to eLearning?

A: If you have a subscription to the SAP Learning Hub, look for the Learning Room for IBP and look for the Learning Journey. Within the Learning Journey you can access the content directly by clicking on the hot links.

 Q: In what cases is SAP learning hub free? Is it free for customers that have implemented IBP? 

A: There is a Discovery Edition which is free to anyone who wants to 'sample' the Learning Hub. You can register for it here:

 Q: Where can one locate the practice questions for the exam?

A: Every exam has sample questions attached to the exam description in the SAP Training shop.  Go to and type in the exam code C_IBP. You will get a link to the exam description. At the header of the description you will see the terms "Exam Questions" and a hot link to "View More". There is a .pdf of the sample exam questions there.

 Q: If you subscribe for Learning Hub, is the Certification Exam included? Or is there another subscription for the exam?

A: There is a separate subscription for the exam since not all Learning Hub subscribers are interested in certification. You will need to book: CER006 (type in this code into search field to book your exam.

 Q: If you use your business SUSERID and company email for certification, is it portable after you leave the company?

A: Your certification is tied to you as an individual, not to the company. Once you pass your exam you will receive an Acclaim badge which is yours alone.

 Q: If we have a subscription, can you show us how to access the learning journeys?

A:  If you have a subscription to the Learning Hub, you can find the Learning Journeys in two ways:

1. On the top left-hand corner of the Learning Hub landing page, select "Learning Journeys" to see them all, or to search for just one.

2. Access the Learning Room for IBP and click on "Start Learning"

 Q: Do we have system access along with eLearning or do we need to purchase it separately?

A:  With a subscription to the Learning Hub, e-learning is included. If you purchased a Solution Edition subscription such as IoT and Digital Supply Chain, you will also receive 10 hours of free Live Access. If you purchased a Professional Edition of the Learning Hub, Live Access is an additional fee (order HUB320 or HUB360).

 Q: Will all the exam questions be from Learning Hub materials or will the exam also include questions from project experience?

A:  All of the exam questions are taken directly from the content in the relevant SAP IBP training materials.

 Q: Is this training separate from SAP Partner Edge?

A:  SAP Partner Edge is a separate library of training content.

 Q: How tough is the certification - how many people fail after the first attempt?

A:  The pass/fail statistics are confidential, however, the SAP IBP certification exam pass/fail rate is in line with general pass/fail rates across other SAP solutions.

 Q: How many months will we have access to the Learning Hub once registered?

A:  12 months.

 Q: Which course materials are required to pass the exam and how many attempt we can get in a year ?      

A:  For the current C_IBP_1908 exam, IBP100, IBP200 and IBP300 are required learning.  For the new C_IBP_2005 exam available in August 2020, there will be questions from IBP100, IBP110/IBP11e, IBP200, IBP300, and IBP700. You can take each exam up to 3 times. If you fail on the third try, you will need to wait for the next version of the exam to be available before you can try again.

 Q: Can we access the same Learning Hub with SAP Partner Edge?    

A:  SAP Partner Edge is a separate library of training content.

 Q: How can we keep our certification up to date, if we have 1711 certification?

A:  You will need to re-certify. You can take C_IBP_1908 now or wait for C_IBP_2005 which will be available in August 2020.

 Q: When is the certification exam for version 2005 planned to be released?          

A:  August 2020.

 Q: Will there be module-based certifications?

A:  We do not plan to have module-based certifications for IBP.

 Q: How can we know the certification code for the Production planning and Detail Scheduling modules of SAP?

A:  S/4 HANA Manufacturing covers PPDS. Also, in the SAP Training Shop,, simply type in the word "production" and you will receive a list of courses and exams relevant to that topic.  

 Q: How can one join Learning Rooms?

A:  You must have an active subscription to the SAP Learning Hub in order to join any learning room. Simply select the IBP Learning Journey and click on the Learning Room box to join, or you can search for the IBP Learning room from the Learning Hub landing page and join it directly from there.

 Q: What is the annual fee for the Learning Hub subscription?

A:  The fees for Learning Hub subscriptions are country specific based on local currencies. Please visit for pricing.

 Q: How many certificated consultants are there so far?

A:  There are over 1400 certified consultants, globally.

 Q: Learning Rooms only for Purchasers of Learning Hub or Is it for everybody who has S-ID?     

A:  You must have an active SAP Learning Hub subscription to access Learning Rooms.

 Q: Will this new certification will be associate or specialist level?

A:  The new certification C_IBP_2005 will be an Associate level certification.

 Q: Is there a specific software required to access the certification link?

A:  No,  there is no special software required.

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