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Getting started: What is SAP Integrated Business Planning for Demand?

Delivering more accurate demand plans for better planning and execution processes

SAP Integrated Business Planning for demand is an end to end demand planning engine, combining “traditional” mid-to long term planning based on statistical methods with the possibility to run more accurate demand sensing models to improve your forecast accuracy for your short term planning horizon. The solution combines automated, exception-based planning processes as well as manual planning capabilities, powered by the speed of SAP HANA, and based on a user-friendly Microsoft Excel interface.


SAP Integrated Business Planning for demand is part of the SAP Integrated Business Planning suite and as such enables end-to-end planning scenarios e.g. to gain full visibility throughout demand, inventory or supply for strategic decision making. Furthermore, it is fully integrated with systems like SAP ERP and SAP APO to receive necessary master and transactional data and send the improved forecasts back for further processing e.g. in APO SNP or ERP.

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