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Welcome to the SAP Supply Network Collaboration (SNC) topic. Feel free to create new pages or enhance the existing ones.

With SAP Supply Network Collaboration you can synchronize and automate the flow of information between your company and your suppliers. This rapid-deployment solution provides you with a fast and predictable implementation of the main processes of SAP Supply Network Collaboration (SAP SNC) – including purchase order processing, release processing, and supplier-managed inventory.  





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SAP Release Notes

Here you can find the new features per SNC release!

Release SAP SNC 5.1
Release SAP SNC 7.0
Release  SAP SNC 7.0 - EHP 1
Release  SAP SNC 7.0 - EHP 2
Release SAP SNC 7.0 - EHP 4

Note: S-User authentification needed on Service Market Place

SCN useful blogs

KPIs in S&OP
SAP-SNC Tips ‘N Tricks

Note: Some of the links require SDN/SMP Login

Extension guides

Hiding Columns in a SNC ALV Grid for All Users 

This document describes how you can hide ALV columns from the tables on the ABAP Webdynpro SAP SNC Web user interface (Web UI). The columns become no longer visible to the user.

Configuring WebDynpro UI - Hiding Fields Drag

This document describes how you can personalize the Webdynpro Web UI.

UI Enhancements in SNC and SPP

This document describes how you can enhance SAP SNC and Service Parts Planning Web UIs that are based on the UI Framework (UIF).

Creation of Custom Key Figures for Data Matrix Screens

This document describes how you can create custom key figures and add them to SAP SNC data matrix Web screens such as the SNI Monitor or the SMI Monitor.

Alert Notification in SAP SNC

This document describes how you can configure alert notification so that users can receive SAP SNC alerts via e-mail.

Creating Custom Alerts

This document describes how you can create a custom alert in SAP SNC and add it to the alert monitor.

Scenario Control 

This document describes how you can use the scenario control to define the applications in which a location product is displayed on the SAP SNC monitors.

News from Product Support
  • 2151502 - How to create the perfect incident for SCM-ICH component and subcomponents
  • 1892384 - Dump ASSERTION_FAILED occurs when performing order-based operations in SNC
  • 2009029 - Corrections for selection fields on UIF generated SAPGUI screens
  • 2018403 - Incorrect UoM conversion in purchase orders
  • 1795908 - Key figure values can't be deleted in Order Forecast Monitor
  • 1769355 - Freshly saved ASN raises error:"No ASNs found for selection" 

List of SNC Knowledge Base Articles (KBAs)

Note: S-User authentification needed on Support Portal

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