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SAP Transportation Management

 This is a page for SAP Transportation Management. It covers the following areas under SAP TM

  • Order ManagementYou can use order management to create, edit, and confirm the transportation requests from your ordering parties. While you are creating the requests, you can also have the system generate transportation proposals, and you can check the transportation charges.
  •  Planning : In planning, a transportation plan, in other words, planned transportation activities, is created on the basis of the transportation requests created in order management. You can perform planning either manually or automatically. Here the system uses advanced planning algorithms (optimization).
  • Subcontracting and Tendering : If you want to award a transportation stage to an external transportation service provider (TSP), you can have the system determine the TSP on the basis of the transportation charges or you can manually select the TSP. If multiple TSPs come into question, a tendering process begins.
  • Transportation Charge Management : You use transportation charge management to calculate the costs of a transportation on both the ordering party side and on the supplier side. You can also trigger invoicing and invoice verification that then take place in the ERP system.
  • Master Data and Transportation Network : You can use these SAP-TM components to create and administer all the master data that you need for the activities in SAP TM, for example business partners, locations, products, and resources.

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