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SCM BADI Enhancements

This page is to list useful BADI (Exits) in SAP SCM.
If you have to link <a page within SCM namespace like APO Demand Planning> or <a page in another space like ERP Production Planning>.


Short Description

For Transaction


BAdI: Change Opening Period and Calendar

Product Overview, Product View, DS Planning Board, Interactive SDP


PP/DS Heuristic: Save/Merge/Delete Own Data

Product Overview, Product View, DS Planning Board


Additional Columns in Navigation Tree

Product Overview, Product View


BAdI for Selecting Source of Supply, Creating Planned Orders

Product Overview, Product View


Enhancement for PP/DS PDS Explosion

Product Overview


POV: BADI for Columns

Product Overview


Time Parameters for Receipts in the Days' Supply Calculation

Product Overview, Product View


User-Exit for Enhancement of the Order View

Product View


Configuration of Interface for Error-Tolerant Scheduler

DS Planning Board


Product Number Conversion

DS Planning Board, Interactive SDP


Product Usages (Deletion Blocks)

DS Planning Board, Interactive SDP


Change Curve Data for the Resource Utilization Chart

DS Planning Board


Change to Curve Data for Product Stock Chart

DS Planning Board


SDP: Interactive Planning

Interactive S&D Planning


Planning Period Column Width Default

Interactive S&D Planning


User Exits for SDP Selector

Interactive S&D Planning


Data Save Operation Check

Interactive S&D Planning


Use this BADI for complex calculations in Planning book

DP/SNP Macro Builder


PPDS and SNP PDS Creation


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