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SCM Reports

This page is to list useful Reports in SAP SCM.
If you have to link <a page within SCM namespace like APO Demand Planning> or <a page in another space like ERP Production Planning>.





Delete inconsistent orders

Need to provide Order GUID Forum Post


Create Version

Need to provide Model Name


Maintain Selection Id's

Need to provide Planning Book


Safety Stock Calculation



Activate Standard Objects (Info Objects)



Performs Realignment



Deletion of Alerts



For copying the data from one version to other version

Source and Destination Version


Load Data from Excel Sheet using BAPI


/SAPAPO/DM_PEGKEY_REORGDeletion of obsolete pegging areas from the database (but not from the liveCache) 
ZZ_CHECK_PDS_OF_PHANTOMSProvided in note 977010. Checks whether PDS for phantom components exist in APONeed to provide Location-Products
/SAPAPO/SDRQCR21Same as SDRQCR21, but triggered from APO side 

Relevant R/3 Reports

R/3 Report




Reconciliation of Order Reservations

Refer OSS Note 538111


Reconciliation of Sales Order from R/3