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SCM Useful Tables

this page is to list useful tables in SAP SCM.
If you have to link <a page within SCM namespace like APO Demand Planning> or <a page in another space like ERP Production Planning>.

Table Name



Location Types in APO


Location Details in APO


Mapping Table for Location between APO and R/3


Planner Codes in APO


Product Master details in APO - equivalent to MARA table in R/3


Location Product Master details in APO (use /SAPAPO/V_MATLOC) - equivalent to MARC table in R/3


Lot Size related details in APO


Source of Supply - contains both PDS and Transportation Lane reference


Resource Header details in APO


Resource related details in APO


Transportation Lane


Means of Transport for Transportation Lane


Assignment of Source of Supply to Model


Determine Key for Cluster Table


CURTO: Usage of Components


Additional Header Data for PP/DS Production Data Structures


Additional Header Data for SNP Production Data Structures


Tables related to selection profile variants


Tables related to Application Log details


Production Campaign, Header


Production Campaign: Changes to Orders as to Campaigns


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SCM Master Data

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SCM-PP Forum