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Service Parts Planning - Frequently Asked Questions.


These are the frequently asked questions for Service Parts Planning (SPP).



This FAQ is moderated by Somnath Manna.

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Transactions in SPP giving error Control Main Screen cannot be created.

With any transaction like /SAPAPO/SPPDRPM there is an error Control Main Screen could not be created: APPID: SPPDRPM; SCRID:; CMPTID Message no. /SCF/UI_SAPGUI_MESS012.
This can be resolved by executing SGEN for "Generation of BSP Applications"

How to resolve error regarding BI Metadata missing?

SPP Relevant BI Content needs to be installed by going into Admin Workbench >> BI Content >> Drag and drop 9ASPP Infoarea and its dependent components. See SAP Note 972880 for more details.

How to see SPP specific tabs in Product Master?

Execute report /SAPAPO/SWITCH_ON_SPP_MD_FLD to show SPP relevant master data fields.

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How to resolve error - Order Document Type xxxx not defined?

If you get error "Order Document Type PFRQ not defined" while accessing In SPP Fixed Requirement (/SAPAPO/SPPFIXREQ) for the first time it is because the relevant ODM Objects are not activated.
Determine from SPRO>>Configure Object Data Management that Document Type PFRQ has Components 7MP1, PFRO, Order Data Type PFRQ and Order Data Area PFRQ.
With this information carry out the following steps:
Generate Settings in ODM (SPRO >> SCM Basis >> Order Document Management)
Generate Order Component 7MP1, PFRO
Generate Data Type PFRQ
Activate the Order Components and Data Types.
Generate Data Area PFRQ and then Activate Data Area PFRQ
Refer to SAP Notes 914168 and 724477 for more details.

How to resolve error - No Active Triggers for Selection?

When you enter Fixed Requirements in /SAPAPO/SPPFIXREQ transaction for the first time the following error can come.
Error: No Active Triggers for Selection
Message no. /SCMB/TG_NACH044
Activate Trigger for SPP in SPRO to take resolve this.

In DRP Matrix only current period data shows up.

This is because of missing value in "General Settings for DRP"
Enter 999 days in the Planning Horizon - so that data in the DRP Matrix shows up as per Time Profile Id selected. If this field is blank then only current data is shown.

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How to resolve error in DRP Matrix - No category found for semantics specified?

When accessing any data for location-product combination in DRP Matrix the following error comes up.
Error: No category found for semantics specified
Message no. /SCMB/TDL_DAO038
Missing Category Groups SIN, SIT, SO1 and SO2 need to be created in SPRO. Then assign suitable ATP Categories to the Category Groups as mentioned below.

How to resolve error in DRP Matrix - No category found for semantics specified?

After the above error while loading data in DRP Matrix a new error can come
Order document type SSD2 and version 00000000000000000000000000000000: No order data areas defined
Message no. /SCMB/ODM_CX_ORDA003
The following ODM objects have to be activated in SPRO to resolve the issue.
Components Data Type Data Area
For more details on activating ODM Objects see this answer

How to resolve the error while customizing "Choose the key from the allowed namespace?

While Customizing, at many places this error is encountered.
1. While maintaining periodicity in SPP
2. Changing number of working days or the scaling Calendar

The problem can be resolved by pressing ENTER and then Save.

How to change history data for order item?

Refer to SAP Notes 967059 and 918444.
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