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To describe how to create an example of PDS with alternative modes using Work Center configuration. sequences.


Alternative modes can be used to switch an activity from a given Resource to another. In this page, you will see how to classify a work center, how to classify operations in a routing, how to check in the PDS the alternative modes after integration and how to switch the mode used by an activity in a given order at the Detailed Scheduling Planning Board.

Table of Content

Example Creation

Create Materials and BOM


Alternative modes are created for work centers with the same classification. This is done at the integration of the PDS in ECC. Therefore the classification is not integrated and no organizational area is assigned.

Create a characteristic and assign the allowed values (turning, milling, drilling)

Create a class with class type 019 (work center class) and assign the characteristic to this class

Check that the classification of work centers and routing is allowed in the customizing: Open transaction O1CL and add, if necessary, table CRHD and PLPO.

Work centers

Create and classify work centers. Enter the same class and characteristic values for all alternative resources.


Create a routing. Enter one of the classified work centers in the operation, which should be produced on alternative work centers, and classify the operation with the same class and characteristic value.


  • Very important: Please, make sure that the Valid From date of the Work Center Class is earlier than or equal to the Valid From date of the operation, otherwise no alternative modes will be created. 

Create Production Version


Create and activate the integration model for the materials, resources, PDS, stock and orders as usual. (Class type 019 is not integrated to APO therefore no organizational area should be assigned to the class and characteristic. The classification is exploded in ECC at the integration.)

Check PDS in APO

Alternative modes are created for the classified resources.

Create some orders

Finite Scheduling in the Detailed Scheduling Table

Choose in the strategy profile the following settings for the first test:

Reschedule one by one the operations and you will see that the LiveCache takes at the rescheduling always the next free mode.

The system selects the next free mode according to

  • If the planning direction is forward, then the mode earliest end date is taken.
  • If the planning direction is backward, then the mode latest start date is choosen.
    If there are more modes with the same result, then the system chooses one of them randomly.

The mode priority is only used to exclude modes.

The mode priority does not define a preference on which mode the Scheduler should select, e.g. the Scheduler might opt to select a mode with priority C even if there are modes with priority A.

If you want to consider mode priorities then you need to define several strategies within the strategy profile und use different values for lowest mode priority.

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  1. Former Member


    I have gone through your document and seems pretty helpful. I was trying to set up multiple modes in PDS with this document reference but got stuck at the place where Class has to be assigned in Routing Operation. I am getting an error (information message): "Data for Class Type 018 has not been converted yet" - Message No. CP472..

    Any idea, what is missing? The modes are not being generated.