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To guide users to create a simple example of Block Planning using PDS and configurable materials in APO PP/DS.


This wiki will describe the settings that have to be made in ECC and APO to map Organizational Areas, how to create Classes and Characteristics needed for Block Planning, how to transfer them to APO, how to classify your Material and make it configurable and the Block Planning Resource, how to create Reference Cycles and Blocks in the Resource, how to classify orders during order creation and how to analyze block planning via Detailed Scheduling Planning Board.

Table of Contents

Example Creation

Define Organizational Areas in ECC side 

1 – Execute transaction O1CL
1.1 – Select table MARA and double click on “Organizational Areas” folder.
1.2 – Create an Organizational Area for Class Type 300.
1.3 – Save.


Define Organizational Areas in APO side

2 – Execute transaction O1CL.
2.1 – Select table /SAPAPO/MATKEY and double click on Organizational Area folder.
2.2 – Create Organizational Area for Class 400.

Create a characteristic

3 – Execute transaction CT04
3.1 – Create a characteristic:
         Auth Group: Your Organizational Area 


3.2 - Define the values for the characteristic:
3.3 – Save!

Create a Class with Class Type 300

4 – Execute transaction CL01
4.1 – Create a Class with Class Type 300.

4.2 – Assign the characteristic to the Class:
4.3 – Do not forget to set the Organizational Area for the characteristic

Classify your Material with the Class of type 300

6 – Execute transaction MM01
6.1 – Create a material
6.2 – In the Classification TAB, select Class Type 300

6.3 – Assign the class  to the Material


6.4 - In Basic Data, set the flag Material is Configurable
6.5 - Save! 


6.6 - Execute transaction CU41 to create a configuration profile. In the popup, select Material and confirm


6.7 - Type the Material number, then press enter


6.8 - Specify Priority, Profile Name, Class Type, and Organizational Area, then save!

BOM, Routing, Production Version and Integration Model

7 – Execute transaction CS01 and create BOM.
8 – Execute transaction CR01 and create Work Center.
9 – Execute transaction CA01 and create Routing.
10 – Execute transaction C223 and create a Production Version.
11 – Execute transaction CFM1 and create an Integration Model for Materials, PDS, Work Center and Classes/Characteristics.
12 – Execute transaction CFM2 and activate the Integration Model.

Define the Resource Classification, the Block Basis Definition, create Reference Cycles and Blocks 

13 – Execute transaction /SAPAPO/RES01 and open the model-independent Resource
13.1 – Assign the Class  to the Resource


13.2 – Create the Block Basis Definition

13.3 – Double-click the characteristics and assign the corresponding value

13.4 – Create a Reference Cycle

14 – Execute transaction /SAPAPO/RES01 and open the Resource for Planning Version 000.
14.1 – Go to Block Plng tab and click on Create Blocks button.
14.2 – Select the initial block and insert a Reference Cycle.

Send the PDS to APO again  

15 – Execute transaction CURTO_CREATE and send the PDS to APO again.
15.1 – Now, the Block Planning Class set in the Resource will be assigned to the Block Planning Activity in the PDS. This can be checked in /SAPAPO/CURTO_SIMU transaction

Creating orders and checking scheduling in blocks  

16 – Execute transaction /SAPAPO/RRP3 for the Location-Product created.
16.1 – Create a Planned Order.
16.2 – When the popup appear, determine the characteristic value.

17 – Execute transaction /SAPAPO/CDPS0

17.1 – Check that the Order was scheduled in a block that has enough capacity and that matches the characteristic requirement of the order

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Related Notes

SAP Note 526883: CDP: Unspecified characteristics in planning and pegging
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1 Comment

  1. Guest


    I am trying to setup block planning (tried also without configuration) using ppms in apo. the main issue is to be able to plan on one machine the production in periods in which e.g. in week 24 only products with mrp controller 3 can run, week 25 only products of mrp controller 4, and later on from week 5 all products can run.

    I have created the characteristics, classes and assigned the class to the resource and created the blocks. I assigned the classes also to material master data but would like to avoid it, so the products will not be classified and hence while creating sales orders / purchase requisitions in snp area no pop up with the characteristic valuation appears. I assigned the classes to ppm.

    Now when I plan I cannot get all the products in the block in which all products can run. All the planned orders go to the blocks which are specified only for products of one mrp controller. in the material master data and ppms I defined two entries: 1. all .2. mrp controller nr.

    But when running product heursitic in ppt or the schedule by start time heuristic in the graphical planning board, I cannot schedule any orders in the blocks for all products.

    can someone help me with?

    thanks in advance,