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To describe how to enable parallel processing in the MRP heuristic


This wiki will provide a detailed description of the customizing setting that needs to be maintained in order to enable the "Parallel Processing" indicator in the MRP heuristic and how to execute a planning run in parallel

Table of Contents

Example Creation

Maintaining Destinations for Parallel Processing

1 - Execute transaction SPRO
1.1 - Click on SAP Reference IMG button
1.2 - Expand the tree until you find option "Maintain Destinations for Parallel Processing"

1.3 - After executing the activity, click on New Entries button

1.4 - Press F4 in field Destinatn and choose the server(s) which is (are) to be used. Afterwards, specify in field Number how many parallel sessions can be opened in each server:

1.5 - Save and check the results

Creating a new MRP heuristic with Parallel Processing enabled 

2.1 - Execute transaction /SAPAPO/CDPSC11 and select heuristic SAP_MRP_001 

2.2 - Click on Copy As... button (). Then, set indicator "Parallel Processing" (the indicator is only available when there are destinations maintained and a number of parallel sessions higher than 1 is maintained). Here, you can also determine a Maximum Package Size, which is the maximum number of pegging areas that can be planned in a single session.

Please, notice: There is not a "best" value for the Maximum Package Size in the MRP heuristic which fits all scenarios, therefore it is recommended that you test the planning run with different package sizes, to determine which one results in smallest overall runtime.

2.3 - After adopting and saving, you can execute a Planning Run using the new heuristic, which will spam parallel sessions in the destinations defined in customizing:


Please, notice: A simple way to check whether parallel processes are being triggered as expected is to check in transaction SM66 how many work processes are active for the user who executes the planning run. In the example above, 2 destinations for parallel processing with a maximum of 3 parallel processes have been defined, therefore there may be 6 processes assigned to the user in SM66. 

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