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To guide users to create a simple example of planning with Quota Arrangements in APO PP/DS


This page describes the Master Data and settings which need to be in place to have Quota Arrangements considered in PP/DS and provides an example with SAP_PP_Q001 heuristic. Under Related Documents section, SAP Help links are provided and the latest relevant correction notes available are listed

Table of Contents

Example Creation

Integrate Multiple Sources of Supply to APO

  • In this case, Product QUOTA-TEST at Location 0001 has 2 PDSs available

Quota Arrangement Master Data and Product - Initial Settings

  • Firstly, execute transaction /SAPAPO/SCC_TQ1 and inform the selection criteria, then click Change button
  • In the example, we are creating an Inbound Quota Arrangement for Product QUOTA-TEST at Location 0001 that is valid in the active Planning Version (000)

Maintain Quota Arrangement Header Data 

  • Click Create button under Quota Arrangement Headers frame


  • Specify the Product Number and the end of the Validity Period, then confirm the entry


  • Verify that the header has been successfully created


  • Select the header and click Quota Arrangement Items button

Maintain Quota Arrangement Items

  • Click Create button under Quota Arrangement Items frame


  • Both sources of supply for the sample Location-Product are PDS, therefore choose "Quota Arrangement for In-House Production" and click Selection button


  • Select the first PDS in the popup


  • In Parameters, specify the Quota Arrangement Proportion with which this Item should be used and the Production Planning heuristic - in this example, quantity 75 and heuristic SAP_PP_002 are specified. During planning with the Quota Heuristic, after the Net Requirements Calculation, each Quota Item is planned separately by calling the heuristic defined here


  • Confirm the entry and verify that the Quota Item for the first PDS was created successfully


  • Click Create button under Quota Arrangement Item frame to define the quota for the second PDS
  • Now, select the second PDS and specify SAP_PP_002 as planning heuristic as well, but define a different proportion (like 25)
  • Notice that the Quota Heuristic (SAP_PP_Q001) should not be entered here - rather, it will be assigned as Product Heuristic for the Location-Product later on


  • Confirm the entry and verify that the second Item was successfully created


  • Notice that the Requirement Split flag in the Quota Arrangement Header is not set. This means if there is an uncovered requirement for quantity 100 EA, this quantity will be entirely covered by a single Quota Item, despite the specified proportions
  • Click Save button - the Inbound Quotas are now fully maintained

Assign SAP_PP_Q001 as Product Heuristic for the Location-Product

  • At the Product Master, transaction /SAPAPO/MAT1, go to PP/DS tab and define the Quota Heuristic (SAP_PP_Q001) as Product Heuristic
  • This is necessary because Source Determination in Planning of Standard Lots heuristic alone does not account for the maintained apportions, as described in SAP Help Quota Arrangements, section Allocation Quota Arrangement

Trigger the Product Heuristic and Analyze the Results #1

  • Open the Product View


  • Once inside, enter change mode and create some demands


  • Execute the Product Heuristic
  • Notice that the Lot-Size popup appears for the first item


  • Click Adopt button. Check that the lot-size popup appears again, this time for the second item

  • This happens because the Quota Heuristic is triggering Planning of Standard Lots Heuristic separately for each Quota Arrangement Item, as defined in /SAPAPO/SCC_TQ1


  • Check the results and verify that 3 planned orders for quantity 25 EA were generated with the first PDS, while 1 planned order was generated for the second PDS


  • Delete the planned orders the leave 2 uncovered demands


  • Execute the Product Heuristic again and view the results. Each requirement was covered with one PDS, such that at this time the apportions are not as described in the Quota Arrangement Items. This is expected, given Requirement Splitting was not set-up - when the first demand was covered, 100% of the allocated quantity went to the first PDS, such that the next requirement needed to be assigned to the second PDS

Trigger the Product Heuristic and Analyze the Results #2

  • Open the Quota Arrangement in /SAPAPO/SCC_TQ1, set Requirement Splitting flag, Split Quantity 25 and Unit EA - Save!
  • Notice that it is not necessary to specify a Minimum Split Quantity and Unit - we did so in this case to prevent the heuristic from splitting requirements into lot-sizes smaller than 25. This is useful, for example, the PDS or Location-Product has a Minimum Lot-Size defined


  • Open the Product View and create a single forecast for quantity 100 EA


  • Execute the Product Heuristic and view the results. It is not always possible, but in this case SAP_PP_Q001 was able to split the forecast to make it so the quotas are respected

Trigger the Product Heuristic and Analyze the Results #3

  • Open the Quota Arrangement in /SAPAPO/SCC_TQ1, clear Requirement Splitting flag, Split Quantity and Unit
  • Specify Requirement Grouping M (Monthly) - Save!


  • Open the Product View and create a few forecasts in the same month


  • Execute the Product Heuristic and view the results. Check that the forecasts were grouped into a single requirement. Given Requirement Spliting is not setup, all demands are covered with a single Quota Item. Additionally, given that Lot-for-Lot procedure was specified for the Location-Product, still for each forecast a receipt was generated

Trigger the Product Heuristic and Analyze the Results #4

  • Open the Quota Arrangement in /SAPAPO/SCC_TQ1, clear the Requirement Grouping value
  • In the first Quota Arrangement Item, define a Quota Base Quantity 25 - Save!
  • This makes it so SAP_PP_Q001 assumes 25 EA were already delivered with this Item, such that it will attempt to compensate by assigning a bigger quantity to the second quota position in the heuristic run


  • Open the Product View. Create 5 forecasts for quantity 25


  • Execute the Product Heuristic and view the results
  • Check that the first forecast was now covered with the second quota position, so as to compensate for the Quota Base Quantity defined

The Allocated Quantity of the Quota Arrangement Item in APO

  • The Quota-allocated quantity in APO is updated when the Goods Receipt is posted for the Purchase Order / Production Order on ECC
  • As a result, a PP/DS Planning Run does not update or change the Allocated Quantity visible in /SAPAPO/SCC_TQ1
  • However, SAP_PP_Q001 considers both the historical allocated quantity (which you see in /SAPAPO/SCC_TQ1) and the current receipts when determining which source should be selected for a given requirement/shortage

Example - Allocated Quantity

  • A Quota Arrangement is created

  • Originally, there is only a Forecast and no receipts 

  • The Product Heuristic is executed, and creates a PurRqs 

  • In /SAPAPO/SCC_TQ1, the Allocated Quantity remains initial

  • The PurRqs is converted into a Purchase Order

  • Goods Receipt is posted for this Purchase Order

  • At the Product View, the PchOrd has been replaced with a Stock element

  • In /SAPAPO/SCC_TQ1, the Goods Receipt quantity has been added to the Quota-Allocated Quantity in the corresponding Item
  • Please, notice the Goods Receipt date must be within the Validity Period of the Quota Arrangement for the Allocated Quantity to be updated

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