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To show an example of usage of Push Production in APO PP/DS


Some of the relevant master data are shown. Then, it will be described what a typical scenario looks like, how to launch push production via the Alert Monitor and from the Product View

Table of Contents

Push Production in PP/DS

Master Data

  • In this example, component RAW_MILK can be used to produce consumer materials YOGURT and ICE_CREAM. As such, this can be seen in the PP/DS PDSs for the finished products
    PDS for ICE_CREAM Product

    PDS for YOGURT Product
  • Additionally, an Alert Profile has been created, such that some alerts types are activated which can help planners find if a given push product (like RAW_MILK) have no consumers

  • For instance, Product-Dependent alert "Order Creates Surplus" and Shelf Life alert"Receipt without pegging relationship with expiration date" can be used
  • It's possible to specify thresholds for alert generation - for example, if the receipt expires in less than 1800h (30 days) an error alert is shown, while if it expires in less than 2700h (45 days) a Warning will be raised instead



Alert Monitor

  • Use option Determine Alerts for the alert monitor created

  • When the Alert Monitor is called, the alerts can be used to determine what receipts need consumer
  • In this example, there is a Purchase Requisition for product RAW_MILK which is not only excess stock, it is also not pegged to any requirements despite having an expiration date

  • After selecting the alert, it's possible to nagivate from the Alert Monitor to the Product View. 
  • The Location-Product can be evaluated as a whole, then. In the example, it is confirmed that no requirements exist for RAW_MILK and the Purchase Requisition is a good candidate for Push Production


Product View

  • Another way to identify the receipts without consumers is directly at the Product View, by assigning the Alert Profile in Settings → Alert Profile...


  • With that, the same alerts seen earlier in Alert Monitor are also displayed for the receipt at the Product View


  • Clicking the Error or Warning sign for the Date and Quantity alerts opens a popup with the alert details

Calling Up the Push Production View

  • Once the push product is identified, the Push Production View can be opened


  • From the Alert Monitor it's possible to right click the alert and choose PP/DS: Push Production in the menu


  • From the Product View in Change Mode, Push Production can be accessed from menu Goto

The Push Production View

  • In the toolbar, it's possible to nagivate to the Alert Monitor, as well as check and change the Strategy Profile used for order creation, as well as go to the Planning Logs
  • On the left frame, sources of supply of the consumer products are listed. Double clicking a source opens up the source display transaction - for example, /SAPAPO/CURTO_SIMU for PDS
  • When the source details are expanded, the product receipts and product requirements of each source can be seen. If the Product is double clicked, the Product View for that Location-Product is displayed on the bottom frame - for example, Product View of YOGURT@QE4002 is shown in screenshot below


  • In the upper right frame, the surpluses for the push product are shown. To decide that a particular receipt should be used to produce a higher level material, the receipt can be selected and button Adopt can be clicked


  • Once the selection is adopted, the Possible Quantity field in the middle frame, Sources of Supply for Consuming Product, is populated
  • It's possible to split the Possible Quantity among the different consumers
  • In this case, the surplus of 10.000 EA can be used to produce either 1.000 EA of ICE_CREAM or 1.000 of YOGURT, as well as 500 EA of each Product


  • When it has been decided which products and quantities to produce, a single source can be selected and button Order is used to create a consuming receipt


  • A receipt is, then, generated, and the Possible Quantity is reduced to reflect the current surplus situation


  • Further, the receipt also appears under the consuming Product in the navigation tree


  • Transaction /SAPAPO/PUSH is only a test functionality - in general, it should not be used in a productive environment. 

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