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You can only cancel the ASN if the ASN does not yet have the status Goods ReceiptPartial Goods Receipt, orClosed. This means that the customer has not posted a goods receipt for the ASN, or closed the ASN yet.


To send a cancellation ASN from SAP SNC to the SAP back-end system of the customer, you must do the following:

  • You have to define a content-based mapping in SAP NetWeaver PI that, upon action code 03, maps theDespatchedDeliveryNotification message to the WHSCON.DELVRY03 IDoc. To do this, you can use the DespatchedDeliveryActionCode context object.

  • SAP SNC does not know the delivery number in the SAP back-end system. For the SAP back-end system to be able to process the cancellation ASN, you therefore have to implement the /SPE/BADI_IBDLV_CONTROL Business Add-In (BAdI) in the IDoc inbound processing of the SAP back-end system.

     You need to use the /SPE/IDOC_INPUT_DESADV1 function module for processing the inbound Idoc, and implement the /SPE/BADI_IBDLV_CONTROLBAdI. The BAdI should determine the inbound delivery number in the SAP back-end system from the SAP SNC delivery number and from the supplier, and write it to the IDoc.

You can use the following implementation for the BAdI:

  METHOD /spe/if_badi_ibdlv_control~process_idoc_delvry03.


    DATA: ls_e1edl18            TYPE e1edl18,

          ls_e1edl20            TYPE e1edl20,

          lv_vbeln              TYPE vbeln,

          ls_e1edl44            TYPE e1edl44,

          ls_e1edl24            TYPE e1edl24.



                   <ls_edidd>   TYPE edidd,

                   <ls_edidd2>  TYPE edidd,

                   <ls_e1edl20> TYPE e1edl20.

* Copy batch number from item level to handling unit

    LOOP AT idoc_data ASSIGNING <ls_edidd> WHERE segnam = 'E1EDL44'.

      ls_e1edl44 = <ls_edidd>-sdata.

      LOOP AT idoc_data ASSIGNING <ls_edidd2> WHERE segnam = 'E1EDL24'.

        ls_e1edl24 = <ls_edidd2>-sdata.

        IF ls_e1edl44-posnr = ls_e1edl24-posnr.

          ls_e1edl44-charg = ls_e1edl24-charg.

          <ls_edidd>-sdata = ls_e1edl44.





* Need to fill inbound delivery number only for replacement on cancellation ASN

    READ TABLE idoc_data ASSIGNING <ls_edidd> WITH KEY segnam = 'E1EDL18'.

    CHECK sy-subrc = 0.

    ls_e1edl18 = <ls_edidd>-sdata.

    CHECK ls_e1edl18-qualf = 'REP' OR

          ls_e1edl18-qualf = 'DEL'.

* Get IDoc header with LIFEX and PARID

    READ TABLE idoc_data ASSIGNING <ls_edidd> WITH KEY segnam = 'E1EDL20'.

    IF sy-subrc = 0.

      ls_e1edl20 = <ls_edidd>-sdata.

* Get inbound delivery number

      SELECT SINGLE vbeln FROM likp INTO lv_vbeln WHERE lifex = ls_e1edl20-lifex AND

        lifnr = ls_e1edl20-parid.

      IF sy-subrc = 0.

        ls_e1edl20-vbeln = lv_vbeln.

        <ls_edidd>-sdata = ls_e1edl20.