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1978504 - How to correct error "Service level XX is not defined for carrier" when creating Freight Booking or Freight Order

2063220 - Port of Loading is changing when Stages are added outside of Port to Port

2104006 - Items are not displayed in FO for pick up or delivery

2104015 - Short dump when adding FU by FU_ID in test UI

2106849 - SCAC field is not getting cleared when carrier field is cleared

2107378 - Short dump when assigning a vehicle resource to a FO

2121413 - Cancelled freight orders/bookings can be set to completed from POWL

2124357 - Short dump may occur when opening/creating a freight order in NWBC

2126760 - There is no chart on Utilization tab of a Freight Order and the following error message can be seen: 'Charts are only supported for standards mode'

2130809 - 'Pick-Up Address at Port of Discharge' Field is disabled in freight booking

2132970 - Search help for Carrier fails in Freight Booking

2138818 - Determination of business partner and location does not work correctly in Freight Order

2151466 - Short dump when running report /scmtms/tend_cond_process

2159109 - Error message (/SCMTMS/TOR 368) 'Wrong unit of measure EA for PIECES' when saving a Freight Booking

2160065 - System is only creating the default freight order type

2177223 - Unplanned freight order stages not deleted after removing freight unit

2182927 - How to set the default hierarchy type of the items on a Freight Order or on a Freight Booking?

2185978 - How to remove the Forwarding Order (or Freight Unit) from the 'Cargo' tab of the Freight Order?

2185034 - DYNPRO_SYNTAX_ERROR while trying to change Freight Booking type in customizing

2201889 - Freight Order or Freight Booking Subcontracting status is changed if the quantity is changed on the predecessor document

2206496 - FO type not determined correctly from FU with condition

2223320 - FB Cargo Management - Service Items Only isn't created

2228926 - How to add additional fields in freight booking POWL selection criteria

2238325 - How to change Freight Order's Freight Term = <blank> instead of PP

2238895 - Dump when entering actual quantities in a freight order

2240768 - Unable to save after assigning FUs to FB with error /SCMTMS/TOR 588

2240792 - Query not available to view archived Road FOs in FO POWL

2244082 - Incoterms are not updated on the Freight Order/Booking

2246363 - How to change the default proposed Visibility Settings for Tendering

2246494 - When processing XML TransportationOrderGenericRequest_In for FB, /SCMTMS/TDL 013 error is encountered