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2012133 - Custom filter is not working on fields in Transporation cockpit

2069625 - SAP TM Load Building Display Problem

2074201 - Railcar / Locomotive resources not loaded in Transportation Cockpit

2089438 - Original ERP document number is not shown in the transportation cockpit

2127022 - How to filter with Selection Profile for Freight Units based on TRQ (i.e. Forwarding Order) Type?

2162844 - Error while running load planning from transportation cockpit

2188178 - Running an action when selecting multiple documents in transportation cockpit only executes on one document

2191506 - Default route valid date inconsistent with planning

2196229 - Launching tcode NWBC in IE not working correctly

2201718 - Map Legend icons are not visible

2206990 - Optimizer Planning runs for a long time [VIDEO]

2215971 - TC: Wrong FWOs are displayed with Selection Profile - Geographical Selection Attributes settings set

2224989 - TC: Additional arrival/delivery addresses are ignored by the optimizer

2225201 - TC: Seleciton profile using geographical seleciton attributes displays the zone's exclusion locations

2225329 - Load Planning could not plan any items. You receive message: /SCMTMS/LSO NR. 02

2229622 - Manual planning of a fixed freight booking allowed in forwarding order 

2230636 - TC: Search box functionality doesn't select Freight Document ID 

2240157 - Requested and Acceptable Times do not precisely match Time Window Condition for FU [VIDEO]

2246428 - Report states no valid carriers for carrier selection with Carrier Selection Settings when no cost calculations being done

2246437 - While planning multiple Freight Units with optimizer, they are being split into multiple Freight Orders instead of being planned to one when exceeding vehicle capacity

2256626 - While running the optimizer you may face message "All planning-relevant transportation demands are fixed" /SCMTMS/PLN_OPT_APP Nr. 306, even if there is no fixed document.