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Introduce TM7.0 Additional Functionalities


SAP has released TM 7.0. There are enhancements in functionalities with respect to TM 6.0. Following summarizes the changes in TM 7.0 with respect to 6.0 -

1. SRQ (Shipment Request) approval : If SRQ exceeds a specific capacity, it needs to be approved by a person before it could be processed further.

 - Condition based workflow

- A person who is responsible for approving gets message in SAP TM business workplace inbox

 - He/She can Accept or Reject

2. Mode Specific UI:

 - Additional SRQ entry screens for Intermodal, Air, Ocean and Land type of Shipment Requests

3. Add existing SRQ to FRQ (Freight Request)

 - Additional functionality to assign existing SRQ in an FRQ

4. Parcel Planning / Tarriff Planning:

-  Carrier rate integration with external systems. Integration to external rating engines (SMC3, LTL) 

 - Tarriff planning. Tarriff cost calculation in SAP TM or getting Tarriff costs from External system

5. Routing FUs of a SRQ individually:

 - Proposal (Planning profile) can be created in such a way that it can list all possible routes

- User can select different routes for different FUs within SRQ

6. GTS integration:

- Trigger export declaration

 - Custom status can be considered while execution of shipments

7.Inter and Intra company cost distribution and revenue distribution:

- Sales Organization is reponsible for Processing SRQ and charging to customer(CFIR). Purchase Organization is responsible for subcontracting transportation to carrier (SFIR)

- Internal charging between Sales Organization and Purchase Organization is possible for Profit sharing and Cost surcharge

8. Multi Resources:

- Defining one resource with a Means of Transport (MTR) that can have count of possible resources e.g. 10 Trucks with capacity 20 Ton

9. Graphical Documentation Presentation:

- You can see all related business documents under "Document Flow" tab of business objects in graphical format

10. Customer Fact Sheet:

- Single screen containing important data of customer

- Relevant analytic content from BI

11. Free fields in SRQ, BO, SO:

- Custom fields in above objects

Apart from above key features TM 7.0 also has enhancements in terms of : Tendering Template (Creation of tendering information as master data), Creation of Schedules without resource in it, Adding stops with one time address during manual planning, dynamic selection criteria for POWL(Personal Object Work List)

TM 8.0 may see lot of good enhancements e.g. ERP purchase order, ERP stock transfer order integration with SAP TM

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