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notes from tech exploration. Not for publishing - WIP

INCLUDE /SAPAPO/SNP_CONSTANTS holds all the SNP related parameters useful when using FMs for testing

gc_snp_heu TYPE /sapapo/snpanwdg VALUE 'SH', >> SNP Heuristic SH
gc_dep_heu TYPE /sapapo/snpanwdg VALUE 'DH', >> Deployment Heuristic DH
gc_tlb_heu TYPE /sapapo/snpanwdg VALUE 'TH'. >> TLB Heuristic TH

Useful ATP Categories mapping
TLB Input orders at Source Location BH at Target loc AG
TLB Output order at Source Loc BI at target loc BF

SNP DB flags LC for liveCache, DB for pure DB, LB for LC and DB

INCLUDE /SAPAPO/CONSTANTS_OM holds Order Management related constants
gc_application_cres TYPE /sapapo/om_apo_appli VALUE 1,
gc_application_cdps TYPE /sapapo/om_apo_appli VALUE 2,
gc_application_eog TYPE /sapapo/om_apo_appli VALUE 3,
gc_application_snp TYPE /sapapo/om_apo_appli VALUE 4,
gc_application_mod TYPE /sapapo/om_apo_appli VALUE 5,
gc_application_vs TYPE /sapapo/om_apo_appli VALUE 6,
gc_application_tmpl TYPE /sapapo/om_apo_appli VALUE 7,
gc_application_pir TYPE /sapapo/om_apo_appli VALUE 8,
gc_application_ctp TYPE /sapapo/om_apo_appli VALUE 9,
gc_application_ctpe TYPE /sapapo/om_apo_appli VALUE 10,
gc_application_matp TYPE /sapapo/om_apo_appli VALUE 11,
gc_application_insl TYPE /sapapo/om_apo_appli VALUE 12,
gc_application_wfm TYPE /sapapo/om_apo_appli VALUE 13,
gc_application_blrg TYPE /sapapo/om_apo_appli VALUE 14,
gc_application_lpp TYPE /sapapo/om_apo_appli VALUE 15,
gc_application_mult TYPE /sapapo/om_apo_appli VALUE 16,
gc_application_oord TYPE /sapapo/om_apo_appli VALUE 17,
gc_application_cord TYPE /sapapo/om_apo_appli VALUE 18,
gc_application_ctpl TYPE /sapapo/om_apo_appli VALUE 19,
gc_application_spp TYPE /sapapo/om_apo_appli VALUE 20,
gc_application_tpop TYPE /sapapo/om_apo_appli VALUE 21.