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This wiki will help customers to resolve common errors
It will be updated regularly.


1.When ever we delete charge types in the document from UI after save, these charge types will not be deleted from database, SAP TM will make them invalid by setting the flag is_technical.  
2. Custom Application Configuration for role based navigation:
 - We need to assign the custom application configuration in Menu Hierarchy and also OBN Targets folder of the role in PFCG.
 - Set the Parameter fix_config = 'X'. 



3. Error: No POWL object types are assigned to you . Please inform your system administrator.


 check for the user role: /SCMTMS/TRANSPORTATION_MGR_V2 is assigned and with authorization CA_POWL


4. ADJ charge type is used in Freight order tendering/quotation the system to calculate the adjusted amount and it is not allowed to edit by the user and it is advisable not to use the ADJ charge type in the calculation sheets or rate tables.

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