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This site is providing information about SCM Transportation Lanes, Quota Arrangements and related object such as Source of Supply, External Procurement Relationships.


Table of content:

Transportation Lanes

Online SAP Help Documentation Link

Transportation lanes are business objects that generally include a starting (from) and a destination (to) location (in special case of External Procurement Relationsip, F&R, there is only an end location) and assigned to a Model. There is a product transfer taking place on the Transportation Lanes. It can happen to All Products or to defined products: only for 1 product, product groups, or a selection of products.

  • Products Specific Transportation Lanes Validity dates overlap:

Based on the T-lane date validity concept the validity dates of Product Specific Transportation Lanes with the same product number must not overlap, if the lock indicator is ''Available'' or ''Locked'', only in justified cases. Otherwise an error message is displayed. The lock indicator (SPRKZ) set for ''Flagged for Deletion'' can take out the lane from validity check.

Justified cases: There are specific factors in between the properties of the T-lane which can distinguish T-lanes with the same Product and overlapping validity from each other. For example if ''Indicator for Subcontracting'' , ''Source of Supply Category. (Contract, Sched. Agmt, Info Record)'' are different for two products, they can overlap in their validity (no error is shown).

Respective error message: Message no. /SAPAPO/OO_TR114 (or in case of post-check, when the entries are already created: /SAPAPO/OO_TR224)
Code part for validity overlap: (SE38)  -  /SAPAPO/SAPLOO_TR_TLANE_MAINT   >  /SAPAPO/LOO_TR_TLANE_MAINTI06  >  CHECK_SPRKZ_0121
In the above code lines one can read out, which factors are able to distinguish t-lanes for validity overlap check.

You can check if there are overlapping product specific transportation lane entries in your system with the report provided in the SAP Note: 2011126 - Report for checking overlapping Transportation Lanes

  • Existence Check/Consistency Check:

You can check your Transportation Lane's consistency from several aspects by clicking on the icon illustrated below in the transaction /SAPAPO/SCC_TL1:

For this reason you can set up different consistency check flags to decide whether the check process can ignore them or take them as an error message. This panel is available from transaction: /SAPAPO/SCC_TL1  >  Settings / Settings (at the Menu bar). These settings are user specific.

This can be particularly useful for example in the case described in SAP KBA: 1841761 - Transportation lanes are created even though Products/locations do not exist

Function Module that makes the check: /SAPAPO/TR_CHK_TL

  • Transportation Lane Header: (DB table: /SAPAPO/TR)
  • Product-Specific Transportation Lane: (DB table: /SAPAPO/TRPROD)
  • Version Dependent Product-Specific Transportation Lane: (DB table: /SAPAPO/TRPRODV)

You can define values into the version dependent fields of a product specific transportation lane. You can choose the planning version on the initial screen of /sapapo/scc_tl1. In this case only the version dependent fields are eligible to edit, the version independent fields are greyed out.

  • Means of transport: (DB table: /SAPAPO/TRM)

Geocoding IGS Tool for Transportation Duration and Distance calculation in Transportation Management / SCM systems

For automatic Means of Transport creation via CIF please make sure the following customizing path setting is enabled: SPRO > APO > Master Data > Transportation Lane > Maintain Means of Transport. The field is 'Creat. CIF'. This requires product group settings, please see F1 help on this checkbox for details.

  • Product Specific Means of Trasport: (DB table: /SAPAPO/TRPRODM)
  • Transportation Service Provider / Carrier: (DB table: /SAPAPO/TRMCARR)

In case of an APO system the TSP is a Location object (Type 1020). Transaction to display is /n/sapapo/scc_tl5 or  /n/sapapo/scc_tl1.
In case of a TM (Transportation Management) system it is a Business Partner. Transaction to display is /n/scmtms/tl5. To make a business partner eligible for carrier selection on the T-lane the BP must exist with the Role = Carrier (CRM010 code) in the database table: BUT100. Use transaction BP to adjust the role to carrier. If the BP is created from ERP, use the CIF to create the carrier role for the business partner. See SAP Note: 1437320 - Business Partner role "Carrier" not created

Transportation Lane Maintenance:

/N/SAPAPO/SCC_TL1 - Transportation Lanes

/N/SAPAPO/SCC_TL2 - Mass Creation of Transportation Lanes

/N/SAPAPO/TL3 - Dislpay/Change T-lanes, selection criteria includes ''Product''

Reports for: [TEST CASE]Mass Maintenance of Transportation Lanes

Automatic Creation of T-lanes SAP Help 

Create Transportation Lanes using the Core Interface Function from ERP

The following BAPIs can be used as they are released for customer coding to read/change/create/delete of transportation lanes:

BAPI_TRLSRVAPS_DELMULTI              Deletion of Transportation Lanes
BAPI_TRLSRVAPS_GETLIST2              Reading of Transportation Lanes
BAPI_TRLSRVAPS_REQUESTLIST2     Query: Reading of Transportation Lanes
BAPI_TRLSRVAPS_SAVEMULTI2         Create or Change Transportation Lanes


How to delete Product-Specific Transportation Lanes: SAP User Assistance

Database Tables:

You can find the tables in SE11 or SE16 transaction by typing /SAPAPO/TR* and press F4 help. This will list the Transportation Lane related tables.


Consistency check programs:


ZZTRPRODM_VALIDITY_ADJUST_ALL (1457417) - For this note the version 6 is the latest (make sure your system includes the latest version of this note, please check note validity section in the note for details, the Z-report inside the note is release-independent).


2024461 - Error messages during MASSD transportation lane update 

Z_TR_OVERLAP - 1935946 - Overlapping validity or duplicate transportation lanes (error messages during transportation lane update with MASSD) > returns numbers based on TRPROD > correction to be made manually


1111666 - Inconsistencies in /SAPAPO/TRPROD and /SAPAPO/TR > this report inserts missing entries into TR < (same as manually create the T-lane in /SAPAPO/SCC_TL1 for which no //TR but only //TRPROD entries exist)

1545884 - Means of transport - incorrect validity

2011126 - Report for checking overlapping Transportation Lanes - returns TRPROD IDs > correction to be made manually

1530708 - Corr. report for inconsistencies between //TPSRC & //TRPROD (Checks if the BZQID entry from //TPSRC exists in //TRPROD)

2487154 - /SAPAPO/TRPRODM contains inconsistent TSZID entries

How to Activate: /SAPAPO/MRPACUST01 

To set up Stock Transfer documents with Stock Transport Requisitions or Reservations with MRP areas use transaction: /SAPAPO/MRPACUST01

This function is however not in standard system by default. By default you get a message when trying to use the transaction: "Process. w. stock transp. requisitions is not supported in standard sys."

Implement the enhancement spot '/SAPAPO/ENH_MRPAREA' from transaction (SE18) to use the function based on the note: 1402298 - Purchase order handling release with MRP areas.

BAdI: /SAPAPO/BADI_MRPA_CUST_FLAG. In the method CHANGE_MRPA_CUST_FLAG (implementing class: /SAPAPO/IF_MRPA_CUST_FLAG) you can use function module /SAPAPO/MRPA_CUST_FLAG_CHANGE to change the value of GC_MRPACUS1_ACTIVE. The method can be completed like below:




It is important to activate all objects after the BAdi implementation to make the implementation called. The transaction screen of /N/SAPAPO/MRPACUST01 looks like below afterwards:

About the effects of the flag in the system you can find information in the note 2094078 - Stock transfer document settings on T-lanes which explains the documentation with a ''matrix'' view that you can already find in the F1 help in the /SAPAPO/MRPACUST01 transaction.

Authorization concept for Transportation Lane related transactions:


SAP note: '' 1516112 - Authority check for transportation lane maintenance apps'' provides with the implementation of the function for APO administrators to set up the authorization concept for Transportation Lanes. If the SP release of your system is higher, then the note's validity, then the code parts and the function is already in your system.

In that case what you only need to do is to implement:

Badi name (SE18) :   /SAPAPO/MD_CHK_AUTH
There is a default implementation can be activated: /SAPAPO/TR_AUTH_CHK
Interface name: /SAPAPO/IF_EX_MD_CHK_AUTH

You can use the standard implementation or create a new one tailored to your business requirements. Here the authorization can be widely customized.

The method is called by Function Module (SE37): /SAPAPO/MD_CHECK_AUTHORITY   ( CALL METHOD gr_badi_check_auth->first_authority_check )

The following notes can however be necessary later:
1771152 - Excessive checks from authorization object C_APO_TR
1725404 - TL3 - Transportation lanes authorization for User
2106025 - Authority check /SAPAPO/SCC_TL1 create transportation lanes
1898547 - TrLane mass maintenance performance problem in /SCMTMS/TL5
2007403 - /SAPAPO/TL3 - Note 1725404 for t-lane mass maint. auth check not working

For /SAPAPO/SCC_TQ1 transaction the following note is necessary to be implemented prior otherwise the BADI cannot be applied:

2286133 - Authority check in /SAPAPO/SCC_TQ1 for location


Q: Why are the Valid from and Valid to dates fields are greyed out in a Product-Specific Transportation Lane causing that I cannot edit/change them?

A: The greyed out validity date fields are due to the transaction design. Validity overlapping is not allowed for the same product on the T-lane. This overlapping is checked during the Product-specific t-lane creation and not during change mode. One possibility to change validity is to delete and recreate Prod-spec T-lanes with the new dates.
Note: There are parameters that make the Prod.-spec. T-lane entry unique. Eg. Subcontracting flag allows validity time interval overlap if it is set on the one product and not set on another product with the same no.

Quota Arrangements:

Database tables:

  • /SAPAPO/TRQTAH (Header Data) /SAPAPO/TRQTAP (Product Data)

Source of Supply determination Quota arrangement:

Maintenance of Quotas:

/SAPAPO/SCC_TQ1 /SAPAPO/SCC_TQ2 transaction codes.

BAPIs: BAPI_QTASRVAPS_SAVEMULTI2 to create and maintain and BAPI_QTASRVAPS_GETLIST2 to read Quotas.


Q: Why is Start Date not definable in some releases in Quota Arrangement?

A: KBA Note: 1698146 - Quota Arrangement field "Start Date" cannot be maintained in APO. Example: if we have a header for product xyz from 04/24/2013 to 06/30/2013 and we create another header for the same product with end date 06/15/2013 then the first record end date will be modified to 06/15/2013 and second record record start date changes to 06/16/2013 with end date 06/30/2013.


Q: What authorization check a Quota Arrangement change or display has in /N/SAPAPO/SCC_TQ1 ?

A: There is only a very limited authorization concept existing for Quotations. It is only checked if a user has the authorization for the concerned model. There is no possibility to distinguish based on locations. Quota Arrangement transactions are not that simple when we look from the location's aspect. If you are entering to a location inbound or outbound quota, there are possibilities to add partner locations as well. Therefore a location based check would make the whole concept unimaginably complex so it is not surprising that this functionality is not available. Recommendation is to sort the user authorizations based on activity type (display and change) and plan the business line accordingly.


For CIF transfer related error messages, that are not detailed in the SMQ2 transaction, you can search in transaction SLG1 with the object: ''CIFSCM''

Related SAP Notes/KBAs:

1580625 - Deletion of Transportation Lanes
2085045 - Performance issue during access to table /SAPAPO/TRM
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2272571 - Usage of BAPI_TRLSRVAPS_SAVEMULTI2 causes long hanging locks on database table: /SAPAPO/MODEL

2307937 - Collection of notes for /SAPAPO/TR_PROD_GET_2

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