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This document is created by Melinda Miskolczi to summarize the functionalities which are not supported by SAP Transportation Management. These functions are real questions from customers therefore you can see here some concrete examples. 

Create a Forwarding Order from an export Freight Booking

It is not possible to create manually an FWO from an export FRB. If you try to create it (by seleting 'Create Forwarding Order' on the FRB UI header) the following error message appears:

'Action has not been processed successfully because of failed validations'.

 This functionality is disabled because there isn’t seen a business case behind this. It is only designed for import bookings.

An alternative solution can be if you create the export FWO out of the cargo item(s) itself. As you have to maintain anyway the forwarding data in item details you have to select the cargo item(s) and press button ‘Create Forwarding Order’.

Cancellation email about carrier removal

 If a carrier is removed from an Awarded Freight Order the system doesn't send a cancellation email to the carriers even though an XML message is generated: TransportationOrderCancellationRequest_Out.

The cancellation email is only supported as part of the Tendering process. Once the tendering is completed, this is no longer available.

The Departure Date is can be changed in fixed Freight Order

 An FRO can be fixed by clicking on Fixing --> Fix. After that you can check this status on tab Statuses. Even though the FRO is fixed the Depature Date is can be changed.

If you do not get a system message about the fixing you should check the message settings in Customizing (TA SPRO -> Transportation Managemen -> Basic functions -> User interface -> Define message settings).

After an FRO fixing you cannot do any further planning or change existing planning like unassign FU, unassign existing carrier and assign new one etc. But you can change the dates as there could be delays, unavailability of handling resources etc. This is allowed as per standard behavior. You can check the help document where it mentions about what is not possible to change when a document is fixed.

Freight Unit Carrier ID is not updated

If the Carrier ID is changed on the Freight Document the Freight Unit Header is not updated automatically. In standard the carrier is not updated on freight unit level. You have to trigger the update task at freight unit level when changes happens at freight order carrier assignment.

Create Freight Order type with transportation mode Air/Sea/Inland Waterway is impossible

If a new freight order type is created in TM Customizing you can select only 'Road' or 'Rail' for transportation mode. TM use Freight order for land based transportation and Freight bookings for air/sea based transportation. Thats why only road and rail are listed for Freight Order. When you define a Freight booking type, depending on transportation type  air or sea, other  transportation modes would be displayed.

An Alternative solution can be if a new transportation mode is defined under Transportation Lane --> Transportation Mode by selecting '3 - Inland Waterway' as 'Means of Transport' and '1 - Road' as 'Transportation Mode'.  This can be work but this workaround has limitations.

Freight unit cannot be added to Freight Order via BOPF

You cannot add a Freight Unit via action ADD_FU_BY_FUID to Freight Order because a dump is occured. The standard way is to add FUs to FROs on the UI. The Test tool used for business is not supported.

 TransportationOrderGenericRequest: Creation type change from G to S

TM will not support the creation type S as standard solution. The creation type S influences also some other things like the UI behaviour, but this is currently only done and evaluated for freight orders.

TM is currently not supporting ERP shipment integration for Bookings. The B2B Generic Inbound Service is not the standard interface to create bookings out of shipments. Therefore there can raise more issues which are not supported by this service for shipment integration.

You could change the creation type by modification or by an implicit enhancement:

Change there the creation type in the call of the method /SCMTMS/CL_TOR_FACTORY=>CREATE_TOR_BO.

From a standard perspective, the A2A service TransportationOrderSCMRequest_In would have to be enhanced to support bookings, too.

Missing 'Cost Distribution' tab on Service Order

Currently the Cost Distribution is only supported for Freight Orders and Freight Bookings. Therefore the 'Cost Distribution' tab is missing from the Service Order and the checkbox 'Enable Cost Distribution' is also not available in Service Order Type in Customizing.

You can see on this URL the Stucture of the Freight Order:

You can see on this URL the Stucture of the Service Order:

You can find more information about Cost Distribution Management on this URL:

'Use Current Value as Default' does not work as expected

 A value of a field (for example on a FRO on General Data tab field Purchasing Organiztaion) can be set as default by right clicking on the field and selecting User Setting --> Use Current Value as Default. However, after the setting if a new FRO is created from a FU the Purchasing Organization is not the default as extected.

 The 'Use Value as Default' feature is a pure UI functionality provided by the UI framework (WebDynpro). It works on the following way: when the screen is displayed and the field content is empty, then WD fills the default value in the input field. At the  next modifying roundtrip, this value is sent to backend as modification, as if it were typed in by the user. The TM application does not register that (neither that a field has "default" values, nor the fact that a certain value was not typed by the user).

The default value applies to the input field if there is no content in it. For this particular example, if the freight order is already created with an organization in it (via settings in FRO type, or by creating application), then the default from the UI field does not apply.

Also, it requires UI - more precisely, the exact field - to be rendered in edit mode. If the user creates the freight document via e.g. FU stages and does  not navigate to FRO screen to modify "General Data", then WD has no chance to populate the default value in the input field.

Therefore this UI feature must not be used as a reliable replacement or alternative to TM functionality . Especially when for organization units there are some well documented means to determine values automatically- including in freight documents.

Cancelled Freight Orders are getting recreated automatically

If a Freight Order is cancelled the Freight Unit Building Rule recreates it automatically. This is a shortcut process in which no Freight Units are created for any trabsportation request (such as delivery) but immediately a Freight Order is created. Here's used a Delivery-based Transportation Requirement type which has automatic freight unit building enabled. In this situation the Freight Order will always be equivale to the transportation requirement. Therefore if the Freight

Order is cancelled it will be recreated automatically again which is correct by design.

If a cancellation is to be done it is on the requirement side, i.e. the order/delivery must be cancelled in ERP.

Incorrect Purchasing Organization in Service Order

If a Service Order is created from a Freigth Order the Purchasing Organiztaion is not the default value which is maintained in Customizing of Service Order type. The Purch. Org. is taken over from the predecessor Freight Order. If the Service Order is created not from the Freight Order the Purch. Org. is taken from the Service Order type customizing.

A solution can be if a post exit is created for method /scmtms/cl_tor_factory=>create_tor_service_order. In this exit the Purch. Org. can be changed regarding the needs.

Maximum number of characters is exceeded (E-mail address)

When entering an email address in the Document References tab for Document Type for Business Transaction 39 Email Activity, you are unable to insert full email address (37 characters) as the maximum number of characters for this field is exceeded.

In TM you cannot simply increase the number of characters for this field. It reflects the business transaction document ID (not e-mail address), which is standardized and has its current length accordingly. Maybe a good option is to use attachments or notes (both are separate tabs in a freight document) instead.


Customs check -> Invoicing block

  In customizing you define the block reason code "04" for customs status "Relevant". The block switches on for Freight Settlement.
You have a customs status "Relevant" document, but the Invoicing block has not been set automatically, only after you set the Execution Block to "Cust. Decl. Check Required" manually.
The system behaviour is correct. In case Check required is not set manually, the customizing settings are not relevant.
GTS SAP TM has block reasons that are set automatically by the system.


 " Define Blocked Processes if TOR is customs relevant
    CLEAR  ls_block_matrix.
   ls_block_matrix-process_id  =  gs_c_blocking_process_id-customs_relevant.
   ls_block_matrix-blk_plan    =  abap_false.
   ls_block_matrix-blk_exec    =  abap_true.
   ls_block_matrix-blk_sfir    =  abap_false.
    INSERT  ls_block_matrix  INTO TABLE  gth_block_matrix.

 This means that only the execution block is set.

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