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Container view in Transportation Cockpit:

It is not possible to maintain a container view within freight order hierarchies. As the customer needs containers to be shown within a FO hierarchy the respective customizing transaction and display options should be enhanced.
The container functionality is not supported in TM 9.0 within the transportation cockpit. This functionality is available from release.

Star-shaped configuration:

During planning: Freight order type has configure on stages with option (non-linear > star-shaped). The configuration of stages on the freight order is the linear defined. This configuration not show the error message, but stars stages configuration is needed in the freight order.

Within Transportation Cockpit only Freight Documents with defined and linear stop sequence are supported. In general for your used stop seqeunce type only very limited functionality within Transportation System is available. See more.

Carrier number is not populated for FU event in EM event handlers:

The Freight Unit Header will not be updated automatically if you change the Carrier ID in the Freight Order Document. The carrier is not updated on freight unit level in the standard. You have to trigger the update task at freight unit level when changes happens at freight order carrier assignment.

Planning cost settings:

If you set destination based distance cost for your trailers in the planning cost settings, this is not supported for trailers since they have no own lanes and even for the involved movers the lane from source to destination might not exist.

You can use another modeling such as route based distance cost or no distance dependent cost for the trailer.

Confirmation by carriers:

In Freight Booking menu under Subcontracting menu there's a menu item "Set to Confirmed with Deviations by Carrier". When this menu item is selected, it was expected for the Booking Confirmation Status to be set to "Partially Confirmed by Carrier", but instead it's set to "Confirmed by Carrier" status.

In the existing releases, when the subcontracting status is set to 'Set to confirmed with deviations by carrier' or 'Set to confirmed by carrier', the booking confirmation status is always 'Confirmed by carrier' only. This is standard behavior. 'Confirmed by carrier' is the only confirmation status for a booking at the moment.

For subcontracting statuses 'Confirmed by carrier' and 'Confirmed by carrier with deviations', the booking confirmation status will be 'Confirmed by carrier'. There is no booking confirmation status called 'Partially confirmed by carrier'.

The domain used for this field is /SCMTMS/BOOKING_CONF_STATUS. 

The planning and execution organization can select an existing freight booking in addition to the route and schedule and confirm the details for the carrier
See more.

Furthermore in the Transportation Cockpit, the Set OI status for FUs option "Set to confirmed with deviations by carrier" can lead to misunderstanding. For such the following note could be useful: 2127241. 


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