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The purpose of this page is to provide useful information on managing Transportation Zones and customers.


It is essential to put all the information below into consideration to ensure that the desired are achieved when managing Transportation Zones and customers within your business setup.

Useful hints and Requirements

SAP HELP Documentation:

• On ERP side a transportation zone can be assigned to a customer via transaction VD02 (area street address)
• On ERP side based on the transportation zone name and the country of the customer a transportation zone name is generated. This transportation zone should exist in database table TZONE. This transportation zone and the customer can be transferred to APO then.
• When the customer is transferred to APO the field TRANSPZONE of the address data of the customer must be filled with the name of the transportation zone the customer belongs to (FM /SAPAPO/LOC_MAINTAIN_BAPI,  import table IT_BAPI_LOCADR)
• You can find the concerned transportation zone coding in FM /SAPAPO/LOC_MAINTAIN_BAPI when you look for the expression 'TRANSP' in the coding.
• On APO side a two level hierarchy must be maintained and entered in customizing: TPVS - Basic settings - transportation relevant hierarchies (column transportation zone (it should be the first column on the screen))
• On APO side this location (customer) should automatically be assigned to the corresponding hierarchy then.
• In /SAPAPO/LOC3 the transportation zone should be displayed on tab TPVS in field transportation zone.
• This should also work with BAPI BAPI_LOCSRVAPS_SAVEMULTI2

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