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Problem description:

You create/update a PO in ECC, the update is not visible on the PO in SNC.

How to find the root cause:

Check last update of the PO:

You can check the XML which updated the PO the last time.

To do this, you need the PO number.

Go to TX SE16, enter Table name /1OM/ORDR7MP3***, for *** you enter the client of your system.




You enter the number of the PO to the ordno field.



Here you can find the GUID of your PO.

With the GUID, you can go to the Table /1OM/ORDRHMSG***, and enter the POs GUID.



Here you can find out the GUID of the XML, that updated the PO the last time.

You can check this XML in TX SXI_MONITOR and check if it contains the correct values, or it is older than the last update of the PO in ECC.




Check the PO in ECC:


If the PO has no errors and it is saved, you can check two things depending on your process.

In case you use Idocs, go to Messages, select the entry on the top and press Processing log. Here you will find the Idocs number, which you can check in TX BD87.




In case you use XML type POERPRON, you can check the outgoing XML in TX SXI_MONITOR.

If the status shows “Processed”, the XML was sent to the XI system.

You can check the same in the XI system, using TX SXI_MONITOR.



If the XML was sent from the ECC correctly and there are no errors on XI side either. You can check the XML flow in SNC as well. Go to TX SXI_MONITOR, enter the time horizon when you updated the PO.



You can see that the XML is in state “errors”. By clicking the red symbol, you can see the processing log, with error description.



You can also check what the XML contains.


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