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You see XMLs in SXMB_MONI with failed or scheduled status in SNC system. This troubleshooting guide aims to help you find out why the XMLs have these status.


  1. Go to  SXMB_MONI

  2. Find the scheduled XML and click on the "Queue Name"

  3. This will bring you to the SMQ2 transaction (inbound queue monitor)

    Now it is time to find why the queue which has the scheduled XML is stopped!
  4. Click on the queue name again

    In this case, the queue has status SYSFAIL, meaning something is impeding the queue to be processed.
  5. Click on the queue name again

    In this case, we can see that the queue is stopped with a XI error, but it could be a dump or other, so you should check ST22 and SLG1 as well. This error stops the queue from processing the other entries in this queue, hence why the XML has status scheduled.
  6. In this case, I have selected the problematic entry and deleted it

  7. The scheduled XML entry remains

  8. Go back one screen to the queue and click on activate

  9. Refresh

    XML is processed succesfully!

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