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The below steps are intended to help new customers who will be getting access to new SAP Integrated Business Planning systems.

New Customers are welcome to attend a new SAP IBP Customer Onboarding Webinar. Register Here or to View Replay (Slides - July 14, 2020).

Please check out the recordings of our webinar mini-series on CPI-DS on this page (search for CPI-DS).

Step 1: Welcome

Welcome to the SAP Integrated Business Planning applications!

Thank you for taking the next step on your journey to a better Integrated Business Planning (IBP) process. We at SAP are committed to your success and helping you realize benefits from your investment.

The System Administrator specified in the Onboarding Checklist (IBP) or the Provisioning Requirements Survey (Starter Edition) should be receiving URLs to your IBP systems.

Tip: make sure your email software doesn’t block this email address to avoid it going to your SPAM/Junk Mail email.
The Emails with URLs you should expect to receive include:

SAP Identity Authentication Service (Formerly SCI) URL:

Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) URL:



 Welcome aboard!

System Admin Communication List Maintenance


Updating System Notifications using CSNS


Step 2: Get Help

Get the Help You Need When You Need It

Thank you for completing your first steps! You are now ready for the next steps in your journey to a better Integrated Business Planning (IBP) process.

Here you will find additional links to ensure you are aware of some key resources to help make your transition to IBP as smooth as possible.


Customer Group Community Network Education Application Help
Become part of the SAP communityNetwork with other SAP IBP Users and implementers
Get Trained on the latest SAP IBP capabilities
Get SAP IBP self-service help
IBP Customer Group Sign Up Link

SAP Community Network

Ask the Community a Question

Attend SAP IBP Customer Success Days

Integrated Business Planning Education Courses

Learn what SAP IBP is

Getting Started with SAP IBP YouTube Videos

How to Get SAP IBP Help Video

IBP Application Help

Product and Solution Updates

Excel Add-in Deep Dive

Upgrades Rapid Deployment Solution Security Information Key Contacts
Learn about Upgrade Communications and PlanningGet started quickly with the IBP Rapid Deployment Solution / Best Practices Find answers to common Security and Data Privacy QuestionsFind out your key SAP contacts
IBP Upgrade PlanningIBP Rapid Deployment Solution / Best PracticesCloud Trust Center

Cloud Trust Center Intro video

Email the Customer Engagement Team

   SAP and Customer Roles and Responsibilities




Step 3:

Get started with Integrating IBP with On Premise Systems

Now that you have made it this far, it is time to start integrating IBP on the cloud with your On Premise Systems using the standard Cloud Platform Integration - Data Services ( formerly Hana Cloud Integration). Below you will find links that will help you understand the basics of CPI-DS, how to integrate IBP on the cloud to your On Premise systems, and some troubleshooting tips.

As always, be sure to work with an exceptional implementation Consultant to help you through your project. If you ever get stuck feel free to post your question in IBP Community


Introduction Guidance Troubleshooting
Get Familiar with SAP Cloud Platform Integration Get the help you need for Cloud Platform Integration Best practices, common mistakes, debugging tips, and consulting notes

Introduction Videos

Get Started with CPI-DS

SAP CPI-DS help portal

SAP CPI-DS Integration Guide for IBP

Quick Start Guide for CPI-DS for IBP (blog)

Integration Templates for SAP IBP

SAP CPI for data services

CPI -DS Consulting Notes

CPI-DS community





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