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Due to the fact SAP HANA is a brand new generation the fulfillment of any implementation will depend in big component in your ability to discover specialists who can fill any ability gaps to your team. crucial assets for an SAP HANA assignment can even vary depending on how you pick to leverage the SAP HANA in-reminiscence answer, or which use case you pick.

the following roles are unique to agile data mart use case implementations:

device architect/device administrator. This resource is chargeable for the physical SAP HANA landscape, together with the CPU, memory, and disk utilization. he or she performs upkeep and device tracking, in conjunction with configuration and application of any vital patches. The device architect additionally plays SAP supply device configuration and replication, and manages the SAP landscape Transformation (SLT) replication server. ultimately, he or she guarantees that the SAP HANA database is subsidized up regularly, and additionally monitors and approaches backup log documents.

Solution architect. because the name implies, the solution architect is liable for answer layout. she or he gathers necessities for the use case(s) and creates the technical design documentation.

SAP HANA facts modeler. The SAP HANA information modeler is accountable broadly speaking for modeling answer design and development and unit testing of all SAP HANA models. she or he also performs SAP HANA model lifecycle management, which includes the diverse steps contained inside the technique of shifting from development to manufacturing.

records services/SLT developer. The records services developer is accountable mainly for the layout and development of jobs to extract, rework, and load records into SAP HANA through records offerings or SLT. The developer also performs lifecycle control, which includes steps contained in transferring from development to production.

two other roles are particular to implementations of SAP BW POWERED by way of SAP HANA.

SAP generation consultant. This expert on SAP HANA generation, collaborates with the venture manager to plot technical requirements for the mission. he or she then implements these required technical responsibilities within the machine.

licensed OS/DB migration representative. This character is liable for technical planning and layout of the in-memory infrastructure, including database making plans, venture employer, design, audit, and challenge evaluation.

In case you carry out a custom development, you will want additional improvement abilties:

SAP HANA developer. This expert builds your programs beyond natural information modeling using the difierent development competencies of SAP HANA (SQLScript, business feature Library, etc.).

Depending on the specific scope and the architecture of your mission, you could need development experts within the precise application area and advanced technologies, which includes predictive analytics, scripting languages, and so on. implementing SAP BODS Training is a first-rate step in dramatically enhancing your ability to acquire most excellent fee out of your massive facts. With the proper carrier issuer, use case, implementation methodology, and skilled assets, you’ll be able to enjoy the strength, velocity, and overall performance of SAP HANA. allow’s conclude this discussion by using examining a few truly stellar examples of a success SAP HANA implementations.

Putting it all together — Examples of Stellar initiatives
Now that we've got mentioned the SAP HANA technology and how to attain the satisfactory business price from this technology, we will gift a few progressive approaches that customers have “put all of it together.” the first example is a chemical business enterprise that turned into able to enhance compliance reporting by way of accelerating its standard SAP system. the second one example involves a big college sanatorium that successfully carried out SAP HANA as the engine of a brand new custom utility, allowing it to dramatically boom the rate with which it analyzed scientific statistics. subsequently, a monetary offerings employer used SAP HANA as a primary database for SAP commercial enterprise WAREHOUSE, with remarkable results.

SAP commercial enterprise Suite Accelerator at a chemical substances company
custom SAP HANA application in Use at a university health center
number one Database for SAP enterprise Warehouse in Use at a financial institution
SAP HANA is a statistics platform which has robust analytic abilties.

during the last phase of topics, we've mentioned and reviewed the importance of choosing the right SAP HANA offerings associate — person who let you plan and put into effect your answer and provide the right set of skill resources to ensure your implementation can provide on the value of SAP HANA. We’ve also reviewed a few not unusual use cases, which include the agile facts mart, SAP commercial enterprise Suite accelerator, the primary database for SAP enterprise WAREHOUSE, and custom SAP HANA packages. SAP HANA implementation scenarios can vary depending to your business want — from custom development to SAP utility development to speedy deployment answers. next, we reviewed the significance of taking a systematic method to your implementation and the benefits of following a methodology built on training, use case identity, solution approach, modeling, QA and checking out, and cross-stay high-quality practices. prior to implementation, you’ll additionally want to identify your timeline, key activities, and professional sources needed to implement SAP HANA. The secret's making plans and ensuring that you understand the entire scope of the implementation, at the same time as remaining bendy enough to leverage the modern day in SAP HANA use instances.

In conclusion, we’d like to depart you with a quick listing of six key takeaways to ensure a a hit SAP HANA implementation:

1. Ensure that business necessities are completely understood and that the use case complements the technical necessities. consider, that technology intelligence doesn’t always equal commercial enterprise intelligence!
2. Establish ROI metrics early within the scoping system. construct them into the mission/technique to make sure that success can be properly measured and quantified.
3. Make certain right collaboration throughout application transport groups (EPR, BW, CRM, reporting,), relying on task requirements.
4. Begin with a targeted use case to illustrate commercial enterprise value, after which extend across other purposeful regions of the commercial enterprise. organising a quick win helps with sponsorship and investment for additional in-reminiscence tasks.
five. ensure that records satisfactory is considered as part of overall SAP HANA solution making plans. acquiring information quickly can’t assist the enterprise if the facts are not correct.
6. outline (or redefine) specific in-memory terminology with all users to make sure that each term is understood by — and means the equal thing to — IT, builders, business customers, and government sponsors. Small clarifications on such phrases as “real-time” and “self-serve” can pass a protracted way towards preventing misunderstandings regarding each the functionality to be delivered and the fee it brings.

Pinnacle advice from SAP Mentors for SAP HANA projects
overall price of ownership (TCO) & go back on investment (ROI) analysis
Do not limit the analysis of TCO and ROI to technical, IT, or infrastructure financial savings. Too regularly, when customers generate a business case to justify the acquisition of SAP HANA, they observe only the ones savings associated with infrastructure objects such as storage and hardware. avoid this mistake! Be bold! explore the holistic value of SAP HANA for your commercial enterprise strategies. for instance, lowering the time to run a BW analytic record from 4 hours to five mins way a lot to the business. observe metrics to these financial savings. interact SAP cost Engineering groups who can help translate the pace of SAP HANA into proper commercial enterprise price.

The adage “you could’t control what you can’t degree” is particularly relevant to cost control. if you don’t discover, track, and make certain the ongoing value of a challenge, you’re not going to gain its economic and operational targets.

SAP HANA represents a paradigm shift in how we understand and use an RDBMS. it's also a brand new database era – one this is evolving as SAP customers locate new ways to mission the velocity and performance of the database. The SAP HANA platform is evolving in no time, and SAP constantly provides new and progressive functionality. To permit clients to take benefit of this new functionality speedy and eficiently, SAP has made the process of upgrading quite simple.

HANA ought to no longer Be handiest an IT task
recognize the business drivers which catalyzed the selection to make SAP HANA the platform for your business. although switching the database under BW is part of the formulation for success with SAP HANA, the full value of a BW powered by using SAP HANA answer is realized thru additional activities which includes optimizing in-reminiscence gadgets and examining techniques to re-architect the statistics layers. Such activities will assist you keep no longer only at the maintenance of these objects, however also on storage, assets, and memory. in the end they'll allow your commercial enterprise to report greater fast and effectively.

Buy-in at the very best level brings the authority and credibility that may suggest the distinction among fulfillment and failure in your SAP HANA mission. government sponsorship facilitates pressure the vision for SAP HANA for your organization, and it facilitates the alternate control that is required whilst you undertake a new technology. To relaxed and maintain this sponsorship, encompass the executives in assignment reviews at regular durations to hold them updated on mission reputation. also, make certain that they may be concerned in all follow-on endeavors.

Do no longer depend in simple terms on the size of the information set on supply systems to expect the scale of the SAP HANA equipment. instead, examine methods to lessen redundant records before loading/migrating into SAP HANA. take a look at answers like near-line storage (NLS) that can assist mitigate speedy data increase in SAP HANA. invest in hardware that can be scaled in preference to being replaced. undertake realistic desires on sharing an SAP HANA appliance among applications. finally, inspect gadgets along with backup and repair, patching, and performance while you are considering sharing a single appliance.

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