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Introduce Demand Planning functionality wishlist.


Display used selection profile in the header

There is no big contrast between a chosen selection profile and the other profiles available in transaction /SAPAPO/SDP94. It would be great to have the selection profile displayed in the header where currently the planning book and data view name is displayed.

Central administration of graphic settings

Currently the settings for the graphic in transaction /SAPAPO/SDP94 are only user specific. Unlike the table layout which is maintained by the administrator and also can be transported. To have a relationship between the background colors of the table and the lines in the graphic.

Available in Enhancement package 1 for SCM 7.0

From this release onwards the chart can be customized centrally when the authorized user is configuring the data view in Design mode.
A limited set of settings are up to the end-users to change (displaying or not the legend, configuring the X-axis and Y-axis).
There is also a new transaction, /SAPAPO/SDP_CHART to copy, delete chart customizing for a given planning book - data view so you can (re)inforce the same look and feel for the chart for all your users.

Authorization object for notes

In the current release of SAP SCM 5.0 everyone can edit and also delete notes of other users. There should be an authorization object which allows more control for notes. The display/create/change/delete authorizations should able to maintained by planning book and view.

Display technical names of key-figures in /SAPAPO/SDP94

It is very time consuming and annoying that you have to open the design screen of a planning book to lookup the technical name of a key-figure.

Loops in Macros

It would be good to have a possibility to create loops in Macros.

Horizons to be set in buckets

In /SAPAPO/TSCOPY and /SAPAPO/MC90, a horizon is set up as dates. That leads to a "volatile" number of buckets affected: if dates have been set as offsets, depending on the current date different number of buckets falls in the horizon. To make life easier, there could be a possibility to set up horizons in buckets directly.

Notes Management

There is no easy way to download the notes in a Word Document. If the note is lengthy and formatted, in the excel download it comes in different columns. There should be an easy way to download multiple notes in a word document format. 

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  1. Hi,

    Just 2 comments on the wishlist:

    1.  You can view the tehcnical names of the key figures by double-clicking the Planning Book name in the shuffler and expanding the master planning object structure part. There you will see the key figures and their attributes, without having to go into planning book wizard.

    2. Good news: There will be a central maintenance report for the chart customizing in the Enhancement Package 1 (for SCM 7.0), with which you can copy, delete or set default chart customizing for selected data view. Chart customizing will also be transported with the planning book.

    Kind regards,

    Zoltan Biro. 

  2. Unknown User (101mfva1e)


    Apart from what Zoltan Biro has said, we could add the KF name in the KF Attributes in the planning book design. put the same in the Free text for the KF and select it. Ex:

    put the Forecast -ZFCST corresponds the (KF description-KF name) when u save and activate the planning book. you should see this in the data view.


    Sharath Chandra

  3. Unknown User (cofjc4t)

    Hi ,

    Is there any way to check the logs on the promotions ( for eg. who entered the promotions values,  who last changed etc  something   like document History). 

    Thanks in advance