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Some customers have requirement to add new selection criteria field in VF04(SDBILLDL) or VF06(RV60SBAT). In standard system selection criteria fields are hard-coded.

So to fulfill this requirement, only a modification is possible.




1, VF04(VF06) selects data from billing due index table VKDFS. So if you want to add new selection fields, you need to add this new fields in VKDFS table first. I take sales office(VKBUR) as an

example. When you add with an append the new field(s) on table VKDFS, please take care about the customer name space ZZ*. In this case, ZZVKBUR.

2, You need to fill VKDFS-ZZVKBUR in LV05IF0V. Here is a sample code for your reference:





* for Deliveries    FORM USEREXIT_VKDFS_SORTKRI_DEL.      




3, When you create a new sales order or delivery, you will see new field VKDFS-ZZVKBUR is now available.

4, You can copy report RV60SBAT(or SDBILLDL) in customer name space.

I copied report RV60SBAT to create new report ZRV60SBAT.

Don't forget to define this new field in the report.

5, Add this new field as selection criteria in the following logic:

6, Change field name in the follow path:

SE38->ZRV60SBAT->Text elements->selection texts

7, When I run report ZRV60SBAT, it works perfectly.


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  1. I have same kind of requirement to add Sales office VKBUR but in SDBILLDL.

    The issue is that the Enhancment Sections are also COpied into ZSDBILLDL program and I am unable to add the input criteria S_VKBUR.


    Please suggest the way forward.